Monday, June 18, 2007

Almost a Year

Hi, all, Bailey here. I was just looking at the calendar. Hard to believe that as of July 5, this blog will be a year old! My, where has the time gone?

A year ago I started this blog hoping to tell more people about Kanner Lake. I wanted to bring more tourists to town and more customers into my coffee shop, Java Joint. Who'd ever have guessed how things would change. A year later I have so much business, it'll be days before a new post is put up. All the Scenes and Beans bloggers are still around, but they seem to be busy doing this and that. Or maybe it's that all their best stories have been told. (Except for Wilbur. He's always got a story to tell. If he runs out of true ones, he'll make one up. :)

As you all know, it wasn't long after this blog began that tragedy struck our town. The date was July 22. Just when all the drama from that day was finally over (in February of this year), new tragedy struck in March. This town has come through a lot in the past year.

As a result, Kanner Lake is now known across the country, as I'd hoped--but for reasons I'd never dreamed of (and still wish hadn't happened.) With national media turned on our town twice, Kanner Lake is now on "on the map." This last year we have really seen a difference in the amount of tourists. Now that the weather's warm, they're really coming in droves. Java Joint is jumping all day! It's been so wonderful to see all of you readers who've come in. Most of all, people want to meet Wilbur and S-Man. Seems there are two photos our new visitors always want: (1) Me behind the counter, (2) Wilbur sitting on his stool, (3) S-Man at his computer. (Although now that book #1 has been sent off to agents, he's taking a break from writing.)

Something else has recently happened here. The controversy all last winter about the proposed hotel next to the city beach has now been settled. The hotel will be built. In fact, it's supposed to be done sometime next summer. Wow. Will Kanner Lake be different then!

As the summer progresses, I just may re-run some of the favorite stories from last year. In the meantime--keep coming to see us! We love to have you visit.

-- Bailey

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