Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Chasing Eva--Part 2

So there we were, Bev and I, trotting down the sidewalk to catch actress Eva Longoria. I tell you--that Bev protested the whole way. You'd have thought I was pulling her along to feed her to the lions.

"This is ridiculous!" she wheezed. "The things you get me into. And just what do you expect to do when you catch up to her?"

Well, she had a point. What do you say to one of your most favorite actresses?

Anything. It didn't matter what. I was just dying to meet her.

It didn't take long to catch up. Good thing I've lost so much weight. I just pulled Bev along. Eva paused to read a poster outside a shop window. It was then or never, so I called out to her.

"Yoo hoo! Hello there!"

She turned around, looking very flustered. Staring at us as if wondering if she was supposed to know us. I skidded to a halt and thrust out my hand. My tongue got all tied up. "Hi! Hello! I'm Angie. This is Bev. I'm dying to meet you. Angie's not, but she came along--wait, I didn't mean that. Of course she wants to meet you too."

Eva's eyes bounced from me to Bev and back. Slowly, she took my hand and shook it once. Then let go in a hurry.

"So how do you like Kanner Lake?" I gushed. ""We just love you here. I watch you all the time." A strange expression flitted across her face.

"You do?"

"Yes, yes, I just think you're so beautiful, and the way you stand up to that rat Albert on the show--"

Out of nowhere, a red blur bounded down the street. I knew at once it was Thelma Grady's Irish setter, Josie, loose again. Thelma lives just two blocks from downtown, and that crazy, overly friendly dog wriggles under the fence every chance she gets. Josie spied me and headed straight for the three of us at full speed.

"Aahhh!" Eva howled.

I stepped in front of her, protector of actresses that I am. Bev was left to fend for herself. Josie plowed into me with a vengeance, licking and barking happily. Well, my goodness, that dog knocked me clear off my feet! I fell into Bev, and Bev fell into Eva, and before you know it the three of us were sprawled on the sidewalk like Dominoes. Josie's tail went a mile a minute as she pranced right across Eva, then that idiot dog took off to find another victim of her excitement.

Oh, my! Eva Longoria, on the sidewalk--because of me! I thought I'd die of humiliation. Turned out, that would have been nice, given what happened next.

-- Angie

Posted by ~ Bailey Truitt @ 7:00 AM

This is amazing! I clicked on this from Dineen's Kittens from Eggs and just started reading then stopped and went back for Part 1 then continued here on April 22 so where's the rest?

Very interesting Celebrities and
Exhuberant Dogs with fans: one that wants to pursue, one that doesn't.

I wouldn't be surprised if it really wasn't her!

I did the same(kinda)with a movie star that bought a home in Stillwater, MN when she walked into a little corner store and wrote a check for her purchase.I couldn't believe it was her & her signature(an autograph I had to turn over to someone else and couldn't keep). My encounter was not as comical as yours. Her young son was so adorable and whistling a song! Just very memorable!

I think she's moved now after she had to build a high wall around her historic home because people would not allow her to have her privacy! Live and learn!
Posted by Anonymous Peggy : 12:12 PM
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