Monday, May 21, 2007

Wilbur's Eight

Howdy, Wilbur here. In the last post Bev wrote this crazy list of "eight random facts" about herself. I gotta say, that's the most boring list I ever read. I told her so, and naturally she got all huffy on me. Said I should write my own list rather than "impugn" hers. (I have no idea what the word means, much less how to spell it. Good thing Carla's typing this for me.)

So I'm answerin' Bev's boring list. Here's my eight:

1. I can count to ten in English. On a good day.

2. Who's Shakespeare?

3. Sure I been outside the U.S. Went to Korea. In the army, from 1951-1953. Let's just say I did a little more than sightsee.

4. Who in their right mind collects African violets? I don't collect nothin' other than good stories.

5. My middle name is nobody's business.

6. I don't believe for one second Bev killed a rattle snake--in her backyard or anywhere else. As for me, I lost count of the number of critters I bagged over the years.

7. No wonder Bev's elevator don't go all the way to the top. Anybody who's corrected over 75,000 essays oughtta be google-headed. Only thing I ever corrected is kids when they're not actin' right. Which is most of the time. Don't get me started on kids these days.

8. What in tarnation is lutefisk? For Christmas I got a new shotgun. And I aim to do a whole lot more with it than let it sit in my pantry.

There, Bev. Now stop yappin' at me.

-- Wilbur

Posted by ~ Bailey Truitt @ 7:00 AM
Wilbur Hucks, didn't you read the rules? You're supposed to offer eight random facts about yourself, not give eight criticisms of someone else's list.

And get your species straight, for heaven's sake. People speak, talk, converse, negotiate, yak, communicate, discuss, deliberate, reason, chat, inform, joke, laugh, yell, call, dialgoue, teach, lecture, and debate. Dogs yap.
Posted by Blogger Bev Trexel : 1:20 PM
Lutefisk--rotten fish. Considered a delicacy among some people groups, most of whom inhabit the frozen northern regions. It must have affected their tastebuds, if not their brains.
Posted by Blogger Chawna Schroeder : 1:32 PM
Bev--I got "my species" just the way I intended it.
Posted by Blogger Wilbur Hucks : 5:12 PM
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