Monday, May 07, 2007

A T Comes to Visit

Hello, Bailey here with you today. Last Saturday we had fun meeting one of our blog readers. I will call her T--the name we use around Java Joint for tourists.

T is from Mississippi, and her accent shows it. She's absolutely darling. She brought in her husband and two children for coffee drinks and pastries, and they ended up staying in the cafe for almost two hours, talking to the various people who post. T brought in a printout of posts--one from each blogger--and had as many signed by the author as possible.

T's two sons, 10 and 12, took to Jake and Wilbur like fleas on a hound dog. The kids sat on the two counter stools left after Jake and Wilbur took their usual places, and the two men regaled them with one tall tale after another. I had a hard time keeping a straight face with some of the stuff those guys were dishing out. They sure know how to take a real story and streeeetch it until its almost unrecognizable. The caught fish and hunted deer got bigger and bigger.

S-Man and T's husband talked science fiction. T's husband has read it all his life, and is very knowledgeable about writers and plots. I don't know who taught whom more. I know that the conversation was fascinating enough to cause S-Man to stop typing for almost an hour. Now that's something.

Bev and Angie were also there to sign posts for T, who asked them if they really argued as much as their posts implied. Bev looked as Angie and replied, "Argue with her, are you kidding? She’d never be able to keep up with me."

After T and her family left, they went across the street to Simple Pleasures to meet Paige and Sarah--and ended up buying gifts for their friends back home.

Summer in coming to Kanner Lake--the best season of all, and the time when we see the most tourists. We hope more of you can come visit!

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