Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Surprise Party--Part II

Bev here again. As I was saying a few days ago, Kanner Lake threw a surprise birthday party at Java Joint for Angie. I left off my story with the presents. The best part.

It took several minutes to calm the ruckus down. Goodness, I honestly don't know how Bailey deals with it every day, running everything so smoothly, keeping everyone happy, and always holding onto that smile and sweet disposition of hers. And without her, I don't think we ever would have gotten to the presents.

But Bailey made calm out of chaos and expertly directed Ted, Pastor Hank, and a couple of the other men to the packages stored in the back, like she threw big parties every day. Meanwhile I settled Angie at the central table, David at her side, of course.

Angie couldn't understand why Bailey needed four men to help her get a bunch of cards. Cards! As if any one of us was so cheap. No, that would never do. Everyone had brought something.

So the packages kept coming and coming, and Angie's eyes got wider and wider. Then she started dithering as she twisted a paper napkin to shreds and babbled about how we shouldn't have or some such nonsense. As I said before, she would only turn seven--oops. There I go again.

Finally, David calmed Angie down (did I mention the man is a lifesaver?), and the opening commenced.

What a huge assortment of gifts! Yet every one was perfect for Angie while still reflecting the giver. A gift certificate for Java Joint coffee from Bailey. Sparkling earrings that Angie had admired at Simple Pleasures from Paige, with the matching necklace from Sarah. A free year's subscription to the Kanner Lake Times from Jared. A plaque from Ted with an inspirational quote about growing older and wiser written in that special language of his.

Next Wilbur supplied a huge box. I am told I turned rather pale at that, but what do you expect? I half-feared he'd given Angie a stuffed fish! Thankfully, it was only one large bouquet of silk flowers. Who would have ever thought it?

So on and on the presents came, Angie gushing the whole time. Or until she reached the last present--mine.

She picked up the long thin envelope and eyed it rather suspiciously. I can't imagine why. I've never done anything except what's best for her. Then she looked at me, one penciled eyebrow raised. "What are you up to now, Beverly Trexel?"

"Why do you think I'm up to anything?"

"I saw that post about your shopping trip. You said you got two of something. This envelope"--she waved it at me--"can't contain two of anything. So what else is there?"

"I promise you. There is nothing else."

She didn't believe me, I could tell, but she opened the envelope and pulled out two reservations for a dog-training school--during the same week.

Angie glared at me. "There's absolutely no way I'm taking on another dog!"

"Goodness me. I hope not."

"Then why two?"

I glanced at David. "Let's just say I thought Cosmos should meet any future roommates."

Perhaps for only the second time in her life, Angie didn't have anything to say.

Now that's what I call a successful surprise party.

-- Bev Trexel


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Posted by ~ Bailey Truitt @ 7:00 AM
So you're now into matchmaking, Bev?
Posted by Anonymous tricia : 2:25 PM
I don't know--maybe you better leave this one alone. Buying Angie a dog is one thing. But this...
Posted by Anonymous fred meyer : 2:26 PM
Tricia and Fred, I don't agree. I think Angie's just calling it as she sees it. Know what I mean?
Posted by Anonymous r.j. hager : 2:26 PM
It's ok everyone. I knew when David announced that we were dating that Bev would be a little pushy. I have to admit though, she blind-sided me a little with the dog training school for two.

Now if they only had a Bev training school. That would be heaven. Don't get me wrong, I love my best friend, but there are moments... Maybe I'll teach Talkatoo some new phrases such as "Bev, it's none of your business", and "Bev, Angie is a grown woman, she can handle it herself", and "Bev, stop being so pushy". I think maybe Bev's husband will help me.

Thank you again everyone for honoring me on my birthday. Kanner Lake is really a great place to live.
Posted by Blogger Angie Brendt : 2:05 PM
Hey, Kanner Lake! I've missed your chattiness. So here's a fun exercise to help you along. You've been tagged as "it" in a game of 8 random facts. All you need to do is post eight random facts about yourselves. What could be simpler or more fun than that?
Posted by Blogger Chawna Schroeder : 11:31 AM
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