Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The S-man Posteth

Shnakvorum, rikoyoch. (Welcome, friends) I apologize for the long silence from me, but I've been buried up to my tail in editing Starfire to get it ready for submission to agents. I must admit I wasn't ready for just how much work there was to be done after writing Starfire. I really do feel like I've re-written almost the entire thing. It was a daunting task, and there were times where I wondered exactly what I had gotten myself into. But also it was an incredible experience for me to go back and read through this story that sprang out of my imagination. To re-live once more the journey of Rathe, Selae and Karey Or.

Some scenes were sparkling already, some were rubbish and needed to be trashed. I even found myself having to re-write significant portions to incorporate a new character that came about through the re-writing. But it also gave me a very touching funeral scene that I think showcases a bit of Saurian culture as a backdrop to what is going on inside of Rathe very poignantly.

In the end after this editing pass I believe in Starfire more than ever. It seems impossible to me that it won't get picked up by an agent and then a publisher.

Especially after the recent events, I feel like this is a chance to leave something lasting behind, something that will impact lives beyond the reach of my mortal coil. And what more could a man want?

-- S-man


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Posted by ~ Bailey Truitt @ 7:00 AM
Go S-Man! ;)
Posted by Blogger ~Ley : 7:07 AM
Good luck to you!
Posted by Blogger Jim : 7:36 AM
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