Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Prayers for Virginia Tech

Greetings, it's Jared with you today. I am writing this post on Monday the 15th, my heart laden with sadness, as I watch the news.

I've been a newspaperman all my working life. In fact, even in school. I've posted before about my childhood foray into printing a newspaper. As a reporter and owner of a paper, I have covered crime and tragedy for many years. Indeed, it's a sad truth that trauma--not good news--is what people have come to expect in watching or reading the media. But I have never seen such senselessness as these school shootings. Each new such crisis leaves us to weep and volley why? questions at heaven.

In Matthew 24 Jesus is telling his disciples about the approach of the end times. Verse 12 records these words of the Master: Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold. I'm no theologian, and I don't begin to claim knowledge about when Christ will return. The Bible says no one knows but God. But right now, at this time on earth, I do look around and see Matthew 12:24 at work. There has always been in evil in this world. But seems to me it hasn't always been this chaotic. Historically, even the worst of human evil lived according to its own warped purpose--revenge, eradication of a religion or peoples, greed, desired power. Now evil seems purely random. Senseless killings of strangers. Parents don't know if a child sent to school will come home. If a lunch eaten at a fast food restaurant will end in death. If a walk down the street might be the final action in a life.

As you know, we've seen tragedy here in Kanner Lake. Our hearts have been weighted with grief, our heads full of those why? questions. We have come face to face with the "increase of wickedness" in this world. I have no answers, other than to cling to God, who will one day judge with righteousness.

My sympathy, my heart-felt and tearful prayers go out to the families of the victims at Virginia Tech.

Posted by ~ Bailey Truitt @ 7:00 AM
Thank you, Jared, for your post. It is a sad time for our country.
Posted by Anonymous elizabeth monty : 10:32 AM
These things are so hard to understand. My heart aches for those parents who have lost their children. For all who have lost loved ones in this tragedy.
Posted by Anonymous tricia : 10:33 AM
As a resident of Virginia, I can tell you the whole state is in shock.
Posted by Anonymous r. taylor : 10:35 AM
I think the whole nation is in shock...
Posted by Blogger Deena : 2:10 PM
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