Friday, March 09, 2007

A Post About Nothing

Well, have we been quiet enough around here for you? Everybody seems to be flying in different directions. This hotel controversy (Jared mentioned it in his post some time ago) has really heated up. But I am not writing about that. I am writing about nothing.

It has finally happened, you see, just as I knew it would. It's time for my biweekly update and I have absolutely nothing to write about. At least I am writing--which is better than I can say for some others around here.

I can't write about the recent trial, for that subject Bailey has banned. And the hotel issue--whether or not to build one at the city beach--rather bores me. My life will go on whether a hotel joins the Kanner Lake skyline or not. As for Angie--she's so into going to that gym now that she's become rather boring. Although she is losing weight, and I am happy for her.

I could write about my box sorting. But although I'm now through the one from my third year of teaching, nothing remarkable has been uncovered from among the stacks of paper. It has almost made me glad to have Talkatoo around. Almost.

(For my friends of more sensible taste who have been inquiring: no, I haven't convinced my inexorable husband to rename Talkatoo something more dignified. I believe it's a hopeless cause.)

About the only interesting thing on the horizon is Angie's birthday in a couple weeks. I haven't yet found anything that's perfect for her yet. She has forbidden me to get her another dog. I have no idea why she felt it necessary to inform me of that. Her house may be large, but not that large. Besides, the rest of the space ought to be reserved for a more, shall I say, complementary counterpart.

Perhaps one of you has an idea? Remember it must be good so I might sufficiently show my gratitude for Talkatoo.


Bev's Tidbits (After all, I was an English teacher):

Word of the Day: inexorable--an adjective meaning not persuaded or moved by entreaty or prayer; unyielding; inflexible.

Grammar Rule of the Week: Use a semicolon to join two independent clauses that are not joined by a conjunction or to separate major elements that contain commas.

Classic Book: Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

Poem of the Month: Still working on memorizing Shakespeare's eighteenth sonnet. I'm down to the last two lines.

Posted by ~ Bailey Truitt @ 7:00 AM
Yay, glad to see you all back!
Posted by Anonymous e. smythe : 11:13 AM
Bev, as a retired English teacher, you never have "nothing" to write about. Surely you can tell us about past students, teaching experiences, etc. Beyond that, we're all interested to hear what Talkatoo has now learned to say.
Posted by Anonymous elizabeth monty : 11:15 AM
Concerning what Talktoo has learned to say: You really don't want to know.
Posted by Blogger Bev Trexel : 4:51 PM
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