Monday, March 26, 2007

Thank You For Your Notes

It's Bailey with you this morning. Wilbur was supposed to be up, but as you know, we've had a very difficult weekend, and I felt I'd better say a few things. Before all of this began last week, Wilbur was working on his post. (And giving me trouble about it--can you imagine that?) I will put it up in the next few days.

So many of you left concerned comments to my post on Friday. Then over Saturday and Sunday--I suppose as you heard further information on TV--I see that you left more. All of us here in Kanner Lake thank you for your kindness. We are slowly emerging from our shock. But to tell the truth, the weekend seemed very long as we struggled to understand. We still could use your prayers.

I'm not going to comment on what happened. You've seen it all in the news anyway, and if you've been with this blog for any length of time, you know this is not the place to foment more talk. Kanner Lake has never been about tragedy. As long as I've lived here, it's been a wonderful town, with beautiful surroundings. Until last summer, we'd seen very little to shake us up. Now it feels like we've been to hell and back. But God is good. And with His help our town will restore itself.

So many of you asked about Leslie. I know she looked shaken and worn in her Saturday interviews. Those clips have run again and again--I saw them on many different channels. But she wants me to tell you she is recuperating emotionally and will be fine. You know Leslie; she's a fighter.

In the past you've seen a few posts here about the proposed hotel in Kanner Lake. Some of you wondered in your comments what these murders might do to that project--will they scare away the investor who wants to build here? It's too soon to tell. Talk is rampant, and I wouldn't blame the investor if he decides to pull his project off city hall's table. But whatever happens, you know I remain Kanner Lake's cheerleader. You can visit here in the future and maybe stay in a new hotel, or you can enjoy the B&Bs around town and on the water, as before. Either way, we want you to come see us. You'll love the beauty of the area. Water sports in the summer, snow sports in the winter. Not to mention the friendliness of the town. (Please, please remember that what happened here recently is so far from what this town is usually like.) It has been such a joy to meet those of you across the country who've come into the cafe to say hi.

Thank you again, all of you, for your encouragement and love. And mostly for your prayers.

Until next time, from Java Joint,


Posted by ~ Bailey Truitt @ 7:00 AM
So glad to hear from you, Bailey. We look forward to your town recovering.
Posted by Anonymous e. smythe : 4:41 PM
I second that!
Posted by Anonymous melissa : 4:41 PM
I continued to follow the news stories through Sunday. Sneaking a moment at the end of my work day to see what's up here. I was glad to find your post.
Posted by Anonymous bev t. : 4:42 PM
Can I believe that Wilbur was giving you a hard time about a post? Yes.

Leslie did well in her TV interviews.

I continue to pray for your town.
Posted by Anonymous cindy : 4:44 PM
Continuing to hold you up in prayer. Thanks for posting today, Bailey.
Posted by Anonymous fred wiley : 5:21 PM
What a long, terrible weekend it's been for all of you. I can only be thankful the worst is now over. Now it's healing time. And I know there are funerals to attend. I'm so sorry.
Posted by Anonymous elizabeth monty : 5:22 PM
Know that we all are thinking of you. Bailey, I agree with the others--thanks for taking the time to post after such a hard weekend.
Posted by Anonymous r.j. hager : 12:29 PM
Thank you, all. The funerals are now over.

I still can't stop crying.
Posted by Blogger Angie Brendt : 12:31 PM
Just checking in to say hi to you all. I can understand why you're taking a few days off posting. Still thinking of you and the town.
Posted by Anonymous trixie : 11:37 AM
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