Thursday, March 22, 2007

Leslie Checks In

Hi, all, Leslie here, taking a quick moment to check in.

I can't say spring is yet here in Kanner Lake, but it's coming. The snow is pretty much gone, and the weather's beginning to warm. Oh, come, spring! This town is so in need of sun and fun.

For the past number of days, (I'm writing this Wednesday afternoon to run Thursday morning), Paige and I have been very busy moving. Yup, we've found a great little house to rent at the end of a cul-de-sac, so now we're going to be roommates. We've moved in the basic stuff but still have lots of boxes in the garage to unpack. That'll have to wait for nights and the weekend. Right now we're both busy with work--Paige at Simple Pleasures, and I at the newspaper.

Paige is doing fine, by the way. She says thanks to all of you who've sent her cards and letters at Simple Pleasures. And she has enjoyed meeting those of you who've visited the town and dropped in to see her. (This part's from me--don't ask her anything about what she's been through, okay? I mean, really, if it were you, would you want to talk about it?)

Thanks, also, to those of you who've sent me letters at the Times office. Yes, it has been very interesting to be interviewed on some national TV shows about all that's happened here since last July. Some of you wondered why Paige wasn't on those shows. Again--trust me, Paige is pretty reserved. She hates the limelight and just wants to get on with building her life. The last thing she'd want to do is be on TV, even though certain producers pursued her hotly.

Meanwhile, we have plenty of new local stuff going on here. You've been hearing about the so-called hotel controversy here. I've been busy covering the issue for the Kanner Lake Times. Today as you read this (Thursday), I will be interviewing both the developer who wants to build the hotel and a woman here in town who is leading the charge against the project. Townspeople on both sides have been very vocal about their opinions. Jared Moore (owner of the Times) and I have been doing our best to cover the issue fairly. Bottom line, the question is--what will a hotel next to the city beach do for the town? Detract from its small-town feeling and ugly up the skyline? Or bring business to Kanner Lake, thereby helping the business owners and the city as a whole due to tax dollars? Or some of both? This is what the city council ultimately must decide.

Either way, hotel or not--we hope many of you will visit this summer! Remember, we have quite a few B&Bs in the area. There are also houses for rent right on the lake--so tow your boat on over. And don't forget to stop by Java Joint so we can meet you.

-- Leslie

Posted by ~ Bailey Truitt @ 7:00 AM
Leslie, good to see you back on the blog again.

If that hotel is built--I'll stay in it!
Posted by Anonymous kristin : 1:12 PM
Ditto with me. The hotel doesn't have to be a monolith, does it? Just a few stories, maybe? If it's made of wood and stone, like it belongs in the environment, it could be very beautiful.
Posted by Anonymous fred wiley : 1:13 PM
Yes, we did see you on Crime America. Didn't everyone? You did a great job. It was a good show, I thought. Really showed all sides of what happened. Ver informative. And through reading this blog, the whole time I watched, I felt like I knew you and Paige personally.
Posted by Anonymous esther w. : 1:15 PM
Oh, tell me it's not true. I'm usually a lurker here, but I live in Spokane, and I've heard a rumor that something terrible happened in Kanner Lake this morning. Another murder? Anybody there--please answer! We want to know if everyone's all right.
Posted by Anonymous n.j. : 1:17 PM
Another murder? Is this for real? Is N.J. just some jokester? As if that would be anything to joke about.
Posted by Anonymous r.j. hager : 1:19 PM
Oh, dear Lord, it's true. One of the saints of our town, found dead this morning. We are in shock. I can barely type. I just can't believe this.

Please pray. And pray for Leslie, because she's the one who found the body. I read Leslie's post now and just get nauseated. The day she'd planned--won't happen now.

This whole town is in shock. And nobody seems to know how this happened or who would have done it.

Dear Lord, help us all.
Posted by Blogger Angie Brendt : 1:30 PM
Prayers are going up for you in Kanner Lake. I can't imagine what you must be going through with another murder in such a small town. I'm praying that the killer will be found soon and that you all will be safe, and that Leslie and Paige will protected. Those poor young women, they've been through so much already.
Posted by Anonymous karen w : 1:50 PM
I just heard the news (I live in Spokane, too). Ran over here to see if anyone was saying anything. I'm so sorry. We're all thinking of you and the town...
Posted by Anonymous gina t. : 3:18 PM
I'm so sorry. Who was killed? I live in New York. I haven't heard anything yet...
Posted by Anonymous bud w. : 4:04 PM
I heard it on the news tonight in Spokane. An elderly woman was murdered. They have no idea who did it or why. Leslie found the woman in her OWN car--that is, Leslie's car. Can you imagine?

That's all I know. The police are investigating.
Posted by Anonymous tammy snead : 9:40 PM
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