Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Gone to the Bird

Some people just don't learn.

For example, Cosmos was a good gift for Angie. Just what she needed--practical, companionable, and at the very least, soft enough to cuddle. But what does she go and get me? A bird! A noisy, bothersome cockatoo, not good for either companionship or cuddling. What was I ever going to do with such a gift?

There seemed to be only one thing to do: give it away.

Not immediately, mind you. I could tolerate its somewhat questionable chatter for a few days, long enough for Angie to have her laugh. Then I would find it a proper home, maybe with a certain coxcomb I know.

But wouldn't you know it, my husband has taken a liking to that bird. Laughed every time he passed the cage. And when I suggested finding it a better home, he wouldn't hear of it. So my house has gone to the birds, and Talkatoo has found a permanent nesting place with us. (I assure you, the name was my husband's choice, not mine. I would have chosen something more reasonable like Hamlet or Dante.)

Now Talkatoo sits in the corner of the spare bedroom, talking off his bill and flinging birdseed over the floor. I think I shall have to invest in a new vacuum soon.

Bev's Tidbits:

Word of the Day: Coxcomb--noun meaning a vain, showy fellow fond of display.

Grammar Rule of the Week: Quotation marks indicate titles of short works (articles, short stories, one-act plays, essays, short poems, and chapter titles) while italics indicate the titles of long works (books both fiction and nonfiction, full-length plays, book length poems, motion pictures, periodicals, and magazines).

Classic Book: David Copperfield by Charles Dickens.

And in honor of February, the month of love--Poem of the Month: William Shakespeare's eighteenth sonnet.

Posted by Bailey Truitt @ 5:00 AM
I think you ought to teach Talkatoo to quote Dante. Something from the seventh level of hell might be uplifting.
Posted by Anonymous burt laroy : 10:17 AM
How about: "To be or not to be--that is a STUPID question."
Posted by Blogger Carla Radling : 10:19 AM
I don't know, I kind of liked the "Old coot." Maybe you could add a few more choice phrases, like "Who asked ya?" and "Have you looked in the mirror lately?" Imagine the fun you'd have taken Mr. T. out in public...
Posted by Anonymous fred wiley : 10:21 AM
I kinda like the name Talkatoo! Even though it doesn't shout "sophisticated," it suits him somehow. Glad you decided to make him a member of your family.
Posted by Blogger Lynetta : 3:52 PM
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