Monday, February 19, 2007

Back to Normal (We Hope)

Well, by now you've all heard the news. The trial is over. We are so very happy for the outcome. God has answered our prayers.

Lots of healing needs to take place now. Paige says to thank all of you who've written her for your thoughtfulness. She will be getting on with her life now, as will the rest of the town.

Things are sure quiet this morning. The reporters have all pulled out of town. It's back to the usual crowd here, with Wilbur on his stool, everybody chatting, and S-Man typing away. (Of course, NOBODY sits on Wilbur's stool when he's in the cafe.)

The biggest news around her now will be whether or not the hotel at the beach gets built. Good. That's the kind of controversy we can handle.

Love to all of you,

-- Bailey

Posted by Bailey Truitt @ 7:00 AM
Well, what an end to the whole story. I hope you all can get back to normal now, although I know that will take time after all the town's been through.
Posted by Anonymous elizabeth monty : 11:22 AM
Hi. I'm commenting for the first time. I think most of the people reading are lurkers. It's been so interesting to see all this in the news way across the country, and at the same time read this blog. The news is so sensational-driven. Through this blog we get to see the town the way it really is. I just wanted to say thanks for that.
Posted by Anonymous Denise : 11:24 AM
I second everything Denise said.
Posted by Anonymous W.M. : 11:26 AM
As a resident, I can say we're all glad things are getting back to normal...or as normal as they can be after that tragic time.
Posted by Anonymous C. Radling : 7:46 PM
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