Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My First 2007 Post!

Hello, Sarah Wray with you today. And happy to be here! I read Wilbur's post yesterday and had to laugh. I felt like he did--so mad that our blog had been hijacked. We're all very glad to have it back.

Wilbur mentioned how Bailey's been getting more business around Java Joint since so many people starting reading Scenes and Beans. I have to say the same for Simple Pleasures. We had a great Christmas season! I can't tell you how many tourists have come in and said they were so glad to finally meet me and see my store. Makes me mighty happy. I love meeting all of you.

Now let me just say this one thing--very nicely, I can assure you. Yes, Paige still works for me. I love having her, and she loves being there. She will be off for some time in February, that's true. I don't need to tell you the reason--if you've been reading the papers you know. I know I'm speaking for just about everybody in town when I say I hope she can resume her duties at Simple Pleasures when everything's all said and done next month. In the meantime, while she's still there--please don't come in and ask her any questions about the whole matter. Paige is a very private person and hates the publicity. She doesn't want to talk to anybody about it, okay?

So--before you know it, it'll be Valentine's Day. What have you bought for your honey? Men, want a beautiful, glitzy purse for your gal? Or a necklace or earrings or bracelet? How about a super soft, warm throw blanket for her? And women, you'd be surprised what you might find for your men in Simple Pleasures. Some knickknack with a hunting or fishing theme, for example. Or special martini glasses, perhaps. Come on in and have a look around. And whether you buy anything or not, we'll be most pleased to meet you and have you in our shop.

Here's to a wonderful 2007 for all of you!

-- Sarah Wray

Posted by Bailey Truitt @ 7:00 AM
Oh, great. I just got over doin' Christmas, and now I got to think about Valentine's Day? A man can only do so much.
Posted by Blogger Jake Tremaine : 12:53 PM
Jake, I'm with you. But if I lived near Simple Pleasures, I'd be in there buying my wife something. That should make it easy for you, Jake. Just go in and let Sarah help you.
Posted by Anonymous e. smythe : 12:55 PM
I can imagine it would be very hard for Paige to have nosey people coming into Simple Pleasures just to gawk at her. Good for you, Sarah, for sticking up for her.
Posted by Anonymous elizabeth monty : 1:32 PM
Yeah. What she said.
Posted by Blogger Leslie Brymes : 1:32 PM
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