Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Fang--Part 3

Final part from S-Man's introductory story of Sauria:

"Beware of belittling the guide! Yi know not of whom you speak. Yea there are many who have lost sight of the way, wallowing instead in their own misery, though the guide is still there, waiting only for them to lift their eyes and follow. Others claim to follow the guide, but are naught but mockeries, following twisted paths."

Wracking coughs shook the beast, when they passed his voice had softened again. "But it is not about them that yi should be concerned, for their paths are their own. Your path lies ahead of you, it is surrounded by storms and trouble and there are many pitfalls awaiting yi."

Another fit of coughing tore through the Jerkenak's broken body, and a gush of blood issued from his ruined mouth.

"Let my fang, that yi hold, bear testimony that I have warned yi. Seek the guide and follow the way, or your path to doom will be certain. My journey is done. I am home." A final rattled breath issued from the best and then he lay still.

The words were so soft that Rathe wasn't sure they were spoken aloud. He stood above the dead Jerkrenak trying to shake its final words, but they stuck, gnawing at his mind. With a roar of frustration he threw the Jerkrenak's fang away and swung his sokae, sinking the curved blade deep into the dead beast's neck.

As Rathe turned away from the corpse a quiet whimper issued from one of the darker corners of the cavern. Cautiously he walked toward the corner letting his eyes adjust. A male hatchling of the Barniks clan, not yet grown into his markings lay in the shadow. His long flat snout gaped, sucking in shallow breaths. His eyes stared ahead in an empty gaze. As Rathe knelt down beside the hatchling he discovered its right leg bitten off just below the knee.

Rathe stared at the leg, then looked back at the dead Jerkrenak. Rumors had circulated for weeks about hatchlings vanishing. He snarled as he saw the truth behind them. The Jerkrenak had been snatching away the young to feast upon. The Grakil must have picked up on the beast’s trail and followed it to this cave and fought to save this hatchling's life, giving his own in sacrifice.

Rathe cursed himself for listening to the Jerkrenak. "He was probably just stalling, hoping this hatchling would bleed to death before I realized the truth."

A stifled cry drew his attention back to the hatchling. Rathe scooped up a handful of ash and pressed it to the leg stump. The hatchling screamed, then fainted. Satisfied that the bleeding was stemmed, Rathe scooped the youngster into his arms. As he did so a glint of light caught his eye. The Jerkrenak's fang lay propped against a small rock, it’s glossy surface reflecting the dim light.

Rathe smiled as a plan formed. Capture meant nothing now. His sokae stood with its blade buried in the Jerkrenak's neck. And this fang would be a great trophy. It could be the means to which he finally proved himself. He scooped the black spike up, his mind whirring with the tale he would tell of slaying the beast, and rescuing this hatchling.

Yet in the back of his plotting mind a single voice wormed.

"Your path to doom will be certain."


So there you have it. Rathe of Yanguch's destiny has been put in motion, and his life will be one beyond anything he could ever imagine. Just a few short Saurian years after this encounter Rathe will discover an ancient secret of Sauria’s past and will be forced to decide between dooming his Empire or dooming his world.

That is the tale found within the pages of Starfire. I truly hope that one day everyone here can share in that adventure with me.



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Posted by Bailey Truitt @ 7:00 AM
Thanks, S-Man, for this background look into your story. Bring on the full book!
Posted by Anonymous E. Smythe : 10:02 AM
I'm hooked!

Tapping my foot, waiting to make a purchase...

...and waiting...
Posted by Blogger Domino : 10:35 AM
This comment has been removed by the author.
Posted by Blogger Carla Ralding : 12:35 PM
Good goin', S-Man! Can't wait to hear you're signing a contract for Starfire.
Posted by Blogger Carla Radling : 12:37 PM
Thanks, everyone! So glad you enjoyed it. And don't worry, I'm working hard to make sure you get to see this book in prints as soon as possible.

Though the farther I get into researching how to get published the crazier it looks. Some days I think I'd rather go up against a pack of starving paravulfs.
Posted by Blogger S-man : 4:04 PM
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