Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas Gift for Mable

Well, it's me again--Jake. I thought this dang bloggin' idea of Bailey's was a crock, but I got to admit I'm hooked. Tell the truth, though, I could use some help from you people. I don't know what to get Mable for Christmas. Everyone says I come up with the dumbest gifts, but I just don't see it. I get practical fun gifts that I'd think any good woman would love. Not thoughtless gifts like some dolts buy their wives, but nice lovin' gifts.

Here's a for instance: Several years ago I got her a shotgun. They ain't cheap, I can tell you that. But I love my wife and money's no consequence. Not only did I give her the gift that keeps on giving--grouse, turkey, ducks & geese she can shoot, clean and cook for us, but it gives us quality man/wife time. See? Is that the gift of a thoughtless man? Everyone in town razzed me for months about it. They thought I should have given her something more feminine.

So, last year I bought her the cutest darn chain saw you ever did see. Lightweight so it don't hurt her arm when she carries it--real feminine. I figured she could limb up the low hangin' branches on the trees she'd been complaining were covering up her perennials. Some of those pine limbs grow clear to the ground. I chased her around for the first week she got it with my camera. I was so proud of my woman wielding her own chainsaw, I couldn't stop snapping pictures. Got one published, too. Front cover of Logger's World Magazine!

So what do you folks think Mabel might like this year? I thought maybe a fishin' pole and a promise to buy a couple dozen night crawlers once the weather turns warm next spring. That'd give us some more "together" time down at the pond, so this could be the romantic gift she's been waiting for. She could make us a big picnic basket, throw in a blanket and we could fish together all day.

I can't believe no one thinks I'm very romantic. I'll put off my shopping for a couple of days 'til I get some of your ideas. Hurry now! Not many more days 'til Christmas.


Posted by ~ Bailey Truitt @ 7:00 AM
Get her a riding mower, Jake. She'll be so glad she doesn't have to push mow anymore.
Posted by Anonymous larry cellaway : 10:52 PM
Buy her a rolling pin. Heaviest one you can find. So she can hit you over the head with it.
Posted by Anonymous elizabeth monty : 10:53 PM
Jake, tell you what. Want to really blow her mind? Buy her a diamond necklace. She'll think she grew a new husband.
Posted by Anonymous fred wiley : 5:51 PM
I second that.
Posted by Anonymous Leslie Brymes : 8:51 AM
I third, fourth, fifth and sixth that.

Jake, don't be an airhead. Play Nike and Just Do It!
Posted by Anonymous Carla Radling : 8:51 AM
I'd say there's nothing more romantic than the gift that keeps on giving: her very own fixer-upper jeep!
Posted by Blogger Grady Houger : 9:45 AM
I think you should get her some jump boots. Snicker.

Joel Montgomery
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