Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas Decorations

Jake here. I told you all how Mable finally let Duke in the house, didn't I? Well, she did. Now she doesn't want me to tell this story, but I think it's only fair.

I made some real nice lures that day and used up all the beads I bought and had to go back for more. Mable told me to go and gave me a list of stuff to get at the grocery while I was in town and she said she'd keep Duke. She was in the middle of puttin' up the Christmas decorations and didn't want to go in town with no make up on. I'm glad I'm not a woman, I'll tell you that much.

I went to town, had a cup of coffee at Java Joint and got some good gossip on the latest goin' ons of the town. There's a lot been goin' on, too. I headed down and got the beads and then stopped at the grocery. Ran into Wilbur while I was there and told him about the fancy homemade spinner bait I was making and told him to stop by and see 'em.

When I got home, I found Mable sittin' on the couch holdin' Duke and just bawlin' her eyes out.

"What in tarnation? What's wrong, Mable honey?"

She just sniffed and snotted some more and couldn’t say a word. Big ol' tears just streaming down her face. Like to break my heart. I knelt down by her and rubbed Duke's head, and he whimpered.

"Mable, what is goin' on? You OK?"

"Duke. Oh Jake. I'm so sorry."

"Mable, you ain't makin' no sense. Take a deep breath and tell me what is goin on."

It seems she was singin' her heart out with Bing's White Christmas and puttin' the ornaments on the tree and sippin' her hot, spiced apple cider when between songs she heard Duke whimper. When she looked down, poor Duke had a Christmas ornament hook stuck through his lip. Mable was so upset with herself for not takin' care of the puppy properly that all she could do was cry.
She got the hook outta Duke's lip and just held him until I got home.

I hugged that sweet woman of mine and told her everything's all right. I think maybe we got us a rebellious pup who's been watching too many of these youngsters with all that steel hanging outta their lips and eyebrows and noses. Next thing ya know, Duke's gonna tell us he wants a tattoo!

Posted by ~ Bailey Truitt @ 7:00 AM
And the dog's not even a teenager yet. Wait 'til the rap music starts, and the eyebrow piercings...
Posted by Anonymous burt laroy : 8:36 PM
I still say Mable deserves a diamond.

Just for putting up with you all these years, Jake.
Posted by Anonymous carla radling : 8:36 PM
I think a little star tattoo on one ankle would be cute...
Posted by Anonymous Leslie Brymes : 9:08 PM
Whose ankle? Duke's or Mable's?
Posted by Anonymous Wilbur Hucks : 9:09 PM
Poor Mable. I know I'd feel awful, too. As for Duke, he probably forgot a half hour later. Dogs are like that.

Glad to see how the two of them have bonded. Took awhile, though, didn't it. Sort of like Angie and her new dog.
Posted by Blogger Sarah Wray : 8:29 AM
Tell Mable not to feel bad. I agree with Sarah--dogs are resilient.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 12:21 PM
awww, Jake! What a tender moment...don't listen to those other guys....
Posted by Blogger Mid Stutsman : 6:33 PM
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