Friday, December 08, 2006

Christmas at Java Joint

Hello, Bailey here.

The Christmas season is truly in full swing. That irrational post-Thanksgiving madness known as Black Friday (why do they call it that anyway?) is over and done with. For the first time ever, I braved the crowds at 5:00 a.m. (yes, 5:00 a.m.!) before I opened Java Joint to get myself a new pair of tennis shoes and grab my darling a few rock-bottom priced gifts. At least that was my plan. After getting shoved, tripped, elbowed, and poked by the hordes of people, I decided to close my eyes, grab what I could and RUN.

Never again.

I have three bruises, a sore backside, and the memory of a string of profanity hurled my way when I got the last pair of window sheers of an advertised sale. And, yes, this will become my husband's present. He can drape himself in them in lieu of the robe I planned to get him. LOL! Just kidding, the sheers are actually for our bedroom. I managed to get a pair of tennis shoes too. Both shoes in the same size, though I had to crawl on the ground to find the left size eight, while other combatants served up punches over my head.

Java Joint has not been immune to the increase in activity. I've been busier than a beaver building a new dam (thank you, Lord) getting the place ready for Christmas. We are offering a brand new menu of Christmas offerings: spiced cider, mint hot chocolate, eggnog, gingerbread cookies, and reindeer brownies, just to name a few. The decorations are all finished. As usual I put the nativity scene in the front window. I love everything about Christmas (even if the shopping can be brutal!) but there is something about seeing the setting of the first Christmas as I walk in the doors of Java Joint each day that keeps me focused on the reason for the season. It has created some extra work for me this year though. Every day I have to remove coffee beans that Wilbur slips in there. I've gotten more appreciation and compliments on that little scene than ever before (without the coffee beans, thank you).

But you can't please everybody. The other morning I received a phone call about the nativity scene. A man informed me that he was going to start a petition to make me remove it. He claims that since it was in the public view, it was offensive to non-Christians. I politely listened to him and then tried to explain my thoughts but he hung up on me. Suddenly I wasn't hearing Christmas bells or sleigh bells but alarm bells in my mind!

I called Hank immediately and he referred me to a lawyer he knows. Nice fella. He said that nobody could force me to take that scene down--it's on my own private property! For now I'm going to leave my scene up and play my Christmas music the same quiet way I always have. Java Joint is for the public but it is run by me. It is not like I am aggressively forcing my beliefs in exchange for coffee.

Oh dear. Wilbur got here early this morning, and out the corner of my eye, I'm seen him hanging around the front window. Better go check for coffee beans.

Have a blessed day.

Posted by ~ Bailey Truitt @ 7:00 AM
I think Wilbur needs a full-time job. Perhaps mucking out horse stalls.
Posted by Anonymous elizabeth monty : 1:50 PM
Are you kidding? He'd just throw coffee beans around.
Posted by Anonymous carla radling : 1:51 PM
Bailey, you should establish a corner for "sitting out" time. I think Wilbur would be there most of the time.
Posted by Anonymous Leslie Brymes : 1:52 PM
I'm surprised someone would complain about your nativity scene, since, as you say, it's in your own place of business. That's no different than a scene being viewed through a house window.

I'm thinking he just wanted to create trouble where there was none...
Posted by Blogger ~ Brandilyn Collins : 1:54 PM
Black Friday - the day when most retailers reach a break-even point in sales for the year. In accounting terms, they go from the red to the black. At least, that's always how I've heard it.
Posted by Blogger William G. : 8:50 PM
Yes, William, I believe you're right. Like the old saying, being "in the black" is a good thing financially.
Posted by Anonymous r.j. hager : 9:53 PM
ahhhh yes, the spirit of Christmas:
Peace, Joy, Goodwill toward men!!!
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 1:14 PM
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