Monday, November 27, 2006

Our Thanksgiving Guest

Angie here. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We sure did and everyone fed the squirrels.

I don't know if I've introduced you to my daughter Melissa's family yet. Well, Melissa, her husband Reggie, and the three most beautiful children in the world, Ethan (8), Kristiana (6), and Eliza (4), arrived early in the day. Frank Jr. wasn't awake yet, but after a cold, wet wash cloth in the face (delivered by his sister), he joined Reggie to discuss football and try to keep the kids out of our way.

It was almost like old times, except my Frank wasn't there. I tried not to let anyone see the tears, but my kids have a sixth sense about my crying. Melissa looked up at me just about the time Frank came in the kitchen for something to eat. I tried to turn away, but I just wasn't quick enough.

Frank broke the silence first. "Mom, you miss Dad, don't you?"

I nodded as I wiped my eyes. The next thing I knew both my kids were hugging me and telling me how much they missed their dad too. It was a special moment.

About 1:00 PM, David and his daughter Darlene came over (I won't mention that this beautiful young woman is still single). They brought a beautiful pumpkin cheesecake (we decided not to have pie this year), a sweet potato casserole that tasted like heaven, and a strawberry-pretzel salad. Her mom never would give me that recipe and I couldn't coax it out of Darlene either. (By the way, single men--Darlene is a gourmet cook)

As we were taking the turkey out of the oven and the door bell rang. I was still in the kitchen but Frank Jr. got the door. A minute later he came in the kitchen and looked a little flustered.

"Mom, I forgot to tell you that I invited someone to dinner."

"A young lady?"

"No, someone I got acquainted with on one of my projects. I ran into him yesterday in Spokane and when I found out he was here on business and had to place to go for Thanksgiving, I invited him over. I’m sorry I forgot to tell you."

"That's all right. What's your friend's name? I'll come out and meet him as soon as I finish making this gravy."

"Please don't get mad. I don't think you like this person."

"How can I dislike someone I've never met?"

Just then Reggie walked in the kitchen and whispered to Melissa, "Aren't you going to come out and meet Milt Waking?"

Darlene said, "Milt Waking? That hot FOX news reporter?!"

I looked at my son and glared in a very un-Thankgivingish way, "Are you trying to tell me that man is in my house?"

"Mom, it's Thanksgiving, and give him a chance, he's really a nice guy."

"Don't you remember what your Aunt Zelma told me about how he harassed that Chelsea Adams lady, in Redwood City?"

"Mom, Aunt Zelma doesn't even know Chelsea Adams."

"No, but her best friend's cousin's sister-in-law is Chelsea's best friend. And what's Milt Waking doing here anyway? Is he trying to get information on Edna San's murder?

"No. He's actually here doing some background on a story about Christian healings. He's in Spokane checking out the Healing Rooms, and then he's going to interview that Christian author who was healed from Lyme Disease and was on the 700 Club. She lives part time in Coeur d'Alene you know."

"Ok, he can stay, but he better not try to pump me for information about the murder, because these lips are sealed."

Five minutes later, after I finished the gravy, I walked out to meet this paragon. I was a little surprised at the scene that met my eyes. Milt and David were playing a game with the kids, while talking with the adults and not missing a play or a word of conversation. The kids, who had no idea who Milt was, were clearly enthralled with him. He obviously wants to try to get into our good graces through the kids, I thought.

Frank Jr. introduced us.

"It’s wonderful to meet you, Mrs. Brendt," Milt said.

"Thank you, Mr. Waking, and welcome to my home. But before we sit down to eat, I want to make one thing clear. The recent events in Kanner Lake and the upcoming trial are off-limits for our conversation tonight. My sister Zelma lives in Redwood City and I know all about you."

"Mom!" Frank Jr. gave me the look his father used to do.

"Mrs. Brendt, I'm not here on business tonight, I'm simply Milt and grateful for the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with your family."

Just then I realized how judgmental I had been, and how I had been rude to my son's guest. I was ready to go crawl under the sink and lock the cabinet door, I felt so bad. Lord, please forgive me and help me undo the unkind words I've spoken, I prayed. Then I looked up at Mr. Waking. "Milt, please forgive me. I've been terribly rude. You are welcome here in my home and we're glad to have you with us for this Thanksgiving. And please, call me Angie."

“\"Mrs. Brendt, I mean Angie, thank you so much. By the way, I brought you these." He stepped over to the table a picked up the most beautiful bouquet of two dozen yellow roses. "I hope you like them."

"Thank you so much, Milt, I love roses! By the way, do you know Eva Longoria?"

He did know Eva, and he passed the Nutty test.

It was a great Thanksgiving.

Posted by ~ Bailey Truitt @ 7:00 AM
Are you KIDDING me? You had Milt Waking in your house, Angie, and you didn't invite me over? I've been wanting to meet him for YEARS. Maybe in a few months, if he comes back ...
Posted by Anonymous leslie brymes : 7:10 AM
I'm sorry Leslie, needless to say Milt's arrival was a surprise to me and I really didn't think about calling anyone. Besides, your mom would not have happy with me if I would have disrupted her Thanksgiving.
Posted by Anonymous angie brendt : 1:04 PM
I watch Milt Waking on Fox. Good reporter. I've never seen any obnoxious about him. Perhaps, Angie, you know something we don't know...
Posted by Anonymous elizabeth monty : 9:08 PM
Don't know about FOX. I watch CNN, myself. At any rate, glad you had a good day, Angie. You and your gang.
Posted by Anonymous fred wiley : 9:09 PM
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