Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Love at First Sight

This world just isn't safe. Not for kids. Not for adults. Not for men. Not for women--especially women living alone.

All you have to do is turn on the television to know it's not. Predators, stalkers, scam artists, rapists--all these and worse roam the streets free, not to mention those trouble-making teenagers who need some good, old-fashioned discipline. Not that such people live here in Kanner Lake, mind you, but even we get the occasional stray from the cities.

It doesn't bother me much. I have my husband, for better or worse. But Angie ... she rattles around that big, old house on Third Street, and while her son's return should help, she's still living alone. She needs a good steady man. Or if not a steady man, at least a good, strong dog. Look at what happened this summer! But no, she still refuses to listen to reason.

So this week I took matters into my hands and drove over to the animal shelter in Coeur d'Alene.

My goodness! What a lot of dogs. Big dogs, little dogs. Old dogs, young dogs. Plain, spotted, shorthaired, longhaired. But do you think I could find a suitable dog for Angie?

Those hyper, little dogs would likely give Angie a broken hip. The big, impressive dogs wouldn't fit in Angie's yard. The puppies were cute, but wouldn't protect anyone from anything. The old dogs couldn't.

Dobermans and German Shepherds were too vicious. Huskies were too fluffy. Dalmatians--they'd probably freeze in an Idaho winter.

Then I saw her in the corner. A beautiful, black-and-white dog with the biggest brown eyes. A three-year-old Australian shepherd/border collie mix, I was told. Gentle, calm, and loving, but loyal and protective to a fault.

Not too big, not too small. Not too fluffy, not too shorthaired. Not too old, not too young. A perfect fit. I chose the dog on the spot and drove straight Angie's.

After leading the dog up the walk, I rang the doorbell, handed Angie the leash when she answered, and left immediately. But although I didn't stay, I could tell it was love at first sight. Angie, for once, didn't have a thing to say.

-- Bev Trexel

Posted by ~ Bailey Truitt @ 7:00 AM
Oh, you're a good friend! My husband works at the firehouse some nights and my dogs make me feel safe.
Posted by Blogger Janet Rubin : 5:04 AM
For heaven's sake, Beverly! I couldn't disagree with the first commenter more. You can't just decide for a friend she needs a dog. Who are you to decide such things? If I were Angie, I'd put the dog right back on your own doorstep.
Posted by Anonymous elizabeth monty : 8:45 AM
Hey, Bev, Jake's been sayin' he needs a horse ...
Posted by Anonymous wilbur : 10:03 AM
Give Bev a break, Elizabeth. Her heart is in the right place. She might occasionally do what she shouldn't, but Bev cares for and worries about her friends like anyone else, despite what her brusqueness may indicate. She just has a unqiue way of showing it.
Posted by Blogger Cora Paxton : 11:23 AM
You're avoiding me. We need to talk -- NOW. I was speechless when you dropped of the dog, but I've got my voice back.
Posted by Anonymous angie brendt : 6:05 PM
I could agree more that Angie needs a good steady man.
Posted by Anonymous David Clanton : 7:43 PM
I don't need no horse; I need a new pickup truck. Bev, drop it off at my door. Leashed is fine.
Posted by Anonymous jake : 9:09 PM
Uh oh. This could be worse than when Angie dragged Bev down the street to meet the "movie star" (tourist). Can't wait to see what Angie does about this!
Is it too early for fireworks in Kanner Lake? ;-)
Posted by Blogger Lynetta : 11:13 AM
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