Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving and Dominoes

Hi! It's Sarah Wray.

As this Thanksgiving is almost upon us, I have to say that being the owner of
Simple Pleasures is an enormous blessing for me. My store is a gift from God. It's a beautiful place to visit with old friends when they come in to browse. I've also met plenty of new friends who turn into old friends when they fall in love with Kanner Lake and decide to come back year after year.

I can always find something to do at my store. When I dust shelves and move aside the fancy, carved Dominoes set, I always smile.

I remember lying on the floor as a child, playing Dominoes (using a regular set) with my dad. He taught me so well that he started keeping score. When I started winning on paper, it became a serious weekend competition. He was so proud of me, but told me to never play with adults. They'd never understand why a little girl like me was so good at a game like Dominoes.

One quiet fall evening, some of my parents' friends came over. The women played cards and chatted while the men played Dominoes. I was relegated to my stack of coloring books until bedtime. It's not that I didn't like coloring. I liked it fine. It just irritated me that my dad and I were a team and they were playing without me.

Being a good girl and all, I got myself ready for bed early and went back to coloring. My mother and the other ladies still chatted incessantly. My dad and the other men had just finished one game and were starting up another. I ran out of interesting pages to color at about ten minutes before bedtime, so I climbed up on my dad's knee to watch him play.

I wrapped my arm around my dad's big neck and whispered, "I love you" in his ear just loud enough for the other men to hear. Then after a while, I told him more quietly which Domino to place, knowing the other men thought I was still being sugary-sweet.

You know, that night my dad let me stay up an hour after my bedtime.

I don't play Dominoes anymore. Not since I've become too busy with the other details of life. But I'm thinking about buying a game for my grandkids when they come up for Christmas this year. Maybe I should even give Bailey a set to keep in Java Joint. (Might even keep Wilbur out of mischief.)

As for the fancy carved set of Dominoes on the Simple Pleasure shelf--I almost hope I don't sell it.

Happy Thanksgiving, all! Bailey wants me to tell you we'll be taking Thursday and Friday off. Scenes and Beans will be back next Monday.

-- Sarah

Posted by ~ Bailey Truitt @ 7:00 AM
Happy Thanksgiving, Sarah and everyone! Eat lots of turkey! I've been cooking for two days already.
Posted by Anonymous angie : 7:12 AM
Happy day, all. Buy a cheap turkey and save toward that next new house--then come see me. :)
Posted by Anonymous carla radling : 8:56 AM
Happy Thanksgiving, all you wonderful folks at Kanner Lake. Sure has been mild weather in our area, huh. Coeur d'Alene got up to 48 degrees yesterday--and that's at our house near the water. Probably warmer in town.
Posted by Blogger ~ Brandilyn Collins : 9:27 AM
Thanks Angie, Carla, and Brandilyn. I've enjoyed our weekend. We had a house full of family and bellies full of turkey.

Enjoy the nice weather.
Posted by Blogger Sarah Wray : 6:41 PM
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