Monday, November 20, 2006

Feeling Worn

Hello from Bailey.

I'm feeling really worn down today. Not that you stopped by here to read about my woes, but sometimes it's nice to share them. John had a bad night, which translates into I had a bad night.

I need to go sneaker shopping, these are getting all worn out from my constant trips back and forth along the counter. The cafe needs a good toothbrush-cranny cleaning job. Maybe I'll get Wilbur to pitch in since he spilled his coffee all over the countertop and floor the other morning. Thank goodness he drinks it black. It also happened to douse him a good one in his lap. Never, ever, have I seen Wilbur move quite that fast. The out-of-towner who entered the shop about that time took one look at Wilbur fanning the front of his pants and busted out laughing. Wilbur wasn't amused, but it shook a chuckle from the depths of my parched soul. Turns out he gal's a writer who has been reading the blog and wanted to meet S-man. You would know that S-man wasn't here. I learned she only lives on the other side of Spokane, and she proceeded to tell me she was a writer with a sci-fi manuscript and she hoped S-man would give it a look. Hm. Not published yet, and he's already sought after by other writers.

Well, I need to get moving. I've lit a new Yankee Candle I indulged in from Simple Pleasures' enormous stock. The scent's a new one called Autumn Leaves. Gotta try it. It's brisk and subtle at the same time, and a good mix with the coffee. Scents always energize me, and this one reminds me that the wonderful holiday season is just around the corner. John is already practicing his solo for the singing Christmas tree.

-- Bailey

Posted by ~ Bailey Truitt @ 7:00 AM
Hey there Bailey! So wish I could have seen that. LOL! I can just imagine how silly Wilbur looked. Poor guy. Enjoy that candle of yours!
Posted by Blogger Dineen A. Miller : 10:21 PM
I spilled a whole pot of coffee on the dining room table once. Went everywhere. Had a whole table full of males jumping around like pentacostals struck by the spirit. Now they stand whenever they see me coming with coffee in my hand. Smart alecks.

LaTisha Barnhart
Posted by Anonymous LaTisha Barnhart : 8:04 AM
I'd like to have seen that fast move by Wilbur. Only time I've seen him move that fast is when he wants to show some new tourist his scar.
Posted by Anonymous burt laroy : 11:58 AM
You know, Bailey, it's good thing Wilbur loves you...he could have sued like that person did McDonalds a while back!

Oh and S-man, watch out...I heard that woman is interested in more than your opinion!!! hmmmmm....

Enjoy your candle, Bailey and cheer up!!
Posted by Blogger Mid Stutsman : 7:37 PM
Hey, Bailey. Sounds like you need some TLC. I always find a scented candle comforting too (I like the pumpkin scented ones and vanilla too). You ought to curl up with a good book tonight and get some sleep.
Posted by Blogger Janet Rubin : 7:57 PM
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