Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Pie to the Sky -- Part 2

I screamed.

Frank Jr. said some things that he never says in front of his mother. Tommy and the man broke out laughing. Then they all looked at me and I realized that Joe Thompson was the 'lady.' I must have looked white, because all three of those boys ran over and walked me to a chair.

Tommy was laughing so hard he was having trouble standing up, and Joe sat down on the floor and continued to roar. Frank Jr. did not look at all pleased. As soon as he caught his breath, Tom started going on and on about all of Frank Jr.'s female admirers. Finally Frank asked how the whole town knew he was coming home and why all the pies? Tom replied, "Don't you read your mom's entries in the Scenes and Beans blog?"

I knew I was toast. I started to back out of the room when Frank Jr. said "Mom, what's going on here?"

I replied, "It was just a little post. I didn't think anyone would take me seriously."

"Show me--now." It's amazing how that boy sounds just like his father sometimes.

I watched as he opened his laptop and read the post. I swear there was smoke coming out of his ears, and his face was redder than any strawberry-rhubarb pie. Just as he was getting ready to light into me, Tommy spoke up. "Frank, it's not your mom's doing. Sure, she wrote the post, but nobody knew when you were coming home, except me. I set you up. Of course the single ladies didn't hesitate too much, nor did 'Josephina.' You didn't even recognize him until he pulled off the wig."

Well, Frank Jr. just sat right back down in my vacated chair and looked like he was either going to kill someone or pass out. Tommy, Joe, and I just stood there and held our breath. There's a local suspense author over in Coeur D'Alene with the motto "Don't forget to breathe..." Well, we forgot. Finally, Frank looked up and looked at me, then looked at Tommy, and then Joe. I saw something forming in his mouth. I grabbed the back of the sofa and waited for the blast.

Then it came. He started laughing and got up and slapped Tommy on the back. "You really got me, Bro. Joe, just tell me you don't really dress up like this all the time."

It goes without saying that we had pie for dessert than night, and the next, and the next. We also provided dessert for a couple of churches that feed the poor over in Spokane.

Oh, and the best, incredible news! Frank Jr. is moving back to Kanner Lake! It turns out he really hasn't been happy in Chicago for a while now and has decided to become a freelance copywriter. He was meeting with a new client in Spokane on Friday and has several others lined up across the country. His things are on their way in Pods that will go into storage until he finds his own place. He said that he had been thinking about moving home since his dad died, then after everything that happened in July, he wanted to be back here in case I needed him. That explains the two big suitcases.

And ladies, Frank Jr. is now the most eligible bachelor in Kanner Lake! Much more so than that other Frank. But don't tell him you read it here. I'm already in enough hot water.

Posted by ~ Bailey Truitt @ 7:00 AM
Too funny. It sounds like you're living life on the edge, Angie. I'm guessing your son is going to be reading this blog from now on.
Posted by Blogger Gina Holmes : 3:28 AM
What an ingenious way to get pies!

It does seem that Kanner Lake has a disproportionately high number of single ladies for a small town.. what in the world did you all do with the single men?
Posted by Blogger Stuart : 5:55 AM
Well, they're not all from Kanner Lake, truth be told. The ladies are from towns all around that read the blog--Coeur d'Alene, Post Falls, Rathdrum, Priest River, Spirit Lake, Spokane Valley, etc.

No wonder Frank had a stack of pies!
Posted by Blogger ~ Bailey Truitt : 8:14 AM
Now why didn't they have blogs in the days before I got married. I'd have asked my dear mother to do something similar--only it would have involved money, not pies...
Posted by Anonymous larry cellaway : 8:15 AM
Awww, congrats Mama. What a blessing to have your boy back nearby. I shudder at the thought of my daughters growing up and moving away one day.
Posted by Blogger Janet Rubin : 8:23 AM
Angie, I can just envision it now. It's not too hard since I also have a 30 something son, I can imagine the scene. I gather that all is forgiven. You're a great sport. (And Tommy didn't even bring you in on the secret)
Posted by Blogger Karen Wevick : 11:37 AM
Frank is moving back to town?

Outta my way, girls. I get him first.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 4:14 PM
And what exactly does that mean--FIRST?
Posted by Anonymous Mama Angie : 4:15 PM
How could Frank not tell the girl was really a guy? Is he farsighted or something? Lost his glasses?
Posted by Anonymous fred wiley : 7:17 PM
Okay, true story, but if you say it came from me I'll deny it.

I was once in a bar years ago--in my younger, foolish days. The lighting was not low. In fact it was quite bright. This fine-looking gal sat down beside me. I ordered her a drink. We talked. Yeah, she had a rather different voice, but I thought it was rather sexy. Husky, you know. I was about to ask her to come over to my place when all the drinks hit me. I excused myself to go to the bathroom. One of the bartenders followed me in. He told me, "Hey, look, none of my business and all--but do you know Mary out there is really Larry?"

I would never have known. Well, until it was rather late. She was that good. He, I mean. Whatever.

People can be fooled. I think it's 'cause that's the last thing on many men's minds.

Just chickened out to signing my name. But I swear on the story.
Posted by Anonymous You Heard it Here : 7:22 PM
Now you know that Joe has a very pretty face, that's why I picked him to be my finale. I think Frank had a pretty good idea, he's just such a nice guy that he didn't know how to exit gracefully. At least that's what he told me, and I happen to know that he's sticking to his story. Trust me, he didn't move away from the other girls.
Posted by Anonymous Tom : 7:29 PM
OHHHH I was so waiting for this and couldn't make it back to post. Sooo, Frank Jr... the old fem fatale...and pie to boot. I knew it!!!!
Posted by Blogger Mid Stutsman : 4:37 PM
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