Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My Tenth Anniversary

Hello, it's Sarah Wray here. I really must tell you about my husband. He is a wonderful man. And I don't say that just because our tenth anniversary was last week. He really is wonderful.

He doesn't like me to get fussy about making the perfect dinner. He likes things more relaxed. I, on the other hand, wanted to celebrate our anniversary with some pizzazz. So, I had to come up with a compromise. For our anniversary dinner, I'd planned to use the silver Shimmering Place Mats I sell at Simple Pleasures. I knew they would look great over our solid navy table cloth in the dining room. In my mind, it was the perfect combination of shimmering pizzazz and relaxed blue. I folded up the yellow, green and blue plaid runner from the table and took off the bright yellow flower arrangement and set them on the pine top sideboard against the wall. I had a couple of silver candlesticks and a few other things to dress the table with.

"He won't notice," I thought. But he did. He mentioned those place mats twice during the meal. That's really something for a guy. He told me he thought I did a great job dressing up the table.

He didn't talk about the gossip of the day. The Good Lord knows there's plenty of that around. He didn't talk about his kids or grandchildren or my regret at not having any of my own. He simply told me how much I've meant to him these "ten long years." He's such a tease. But I almost wept at the sincerity in his eyes when he told me how he felt about me. No Hollywood star could've out-shined my husband that night. He can be Mr. Romance when he wants to be.

Of course after the meal was over and I began cleaning off the table, I expected Mr. Romance to grab the remote control to see what was on TV. While I put away the place mats and put the flowers and runner back on the table, what was my wonderful husband doing? He was singing. If you know him, you know this is so out of character. But I loved it. He sang tunes from Nat King Cole, The Righteous Brothers, and Frank Sinatra. I was finished in the kitchen when he started up Dean Martin's Volare. He grabbed me and we danced into the living room.

I think I'll keep him.

-- Sarah

Posted by ~ Bailey Truitt @ 7:00 AM
I just wanted to say that I'm lovin' this town! Sarah, I can understand about the "keeper" husband, I have one, too!
Posted by Blogger StampGirl : 12:51 AM
I'm with stampgirl. I have a husband who's so wonderful. (We recently celebrated our 25th.) What a blessing to have such a partner in your life. I'm glad for you, Sarah.
Posted by Blogger ~ Brandilyn Collins : 9:16 AM
Thanks, girls! I'm happy with him. Ten long years (grin) is something to be proud of.

Wow! Brandilyn, congratulations on your 25th!
Posted by Blogger Sarah Wray : 9:42 AM
I had to laugh about the singing. My fireman husband wears such a tough-guy exterior. People would never believe how goofy he is at home, singing to the dogs, our little girls and me. He's a keeper too:)
Posted by Blogger Janet Rubin : 9:46 AM
Who said men have no sense of romance?
Posted by Anonymous r.j. hager : 12:51 PM
Janet, congratulations on finding a great husband. I think men apply their "tough face" as often as women apply makeup.

R. J.
Men do have a sense of romance. It's just that some men forget where it is. LOL! But really, I know some men are better at romance than others, and some women are better at carpentry than others. We all have our gifts, don't we?
Posted by Blogger Sarah Wray : 5:46 PM
Aw, how cute! Except I don't think I'd want Captain Caffeine to sing to me.

However, he did get major kudos when he made the effort to figure out what the spines look like for my Regency romance books, then went into a used bookstore and scoured the romance section--romance, mind you!--for Regency romances for me. He bought me a whole stack. Ah, love.
Posted by Blogger Camy Tang : 1:25 AM
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