Thursday, October 12, 2006

Goldfish, Beware!

Hi, it's Carla. I almost didn't write this after Pastor Hank's fish post. But I have to admit--I'm a killer. A cold-hearted fish killer.

It all started when I went to Fins 'n Feathers Pet Shop. My fellow real estate agent, Audrey Jenks, told me she got her husband a great aquarium for his birthday, complete with the pump, rocks, everything. She said hearing the bubbling pump and watching the fish swim back and forth really soothe their stress after a long day of work.

I've had trouble sleeping since what happened here in Kanner Lake. I don't know if anyone else has, but I've had bags under my eyes big enough to tote around. Not a nice impression on clients. I got an alarm service installed (and I've got a story about that, but that's for another post), just to see if it would help ease my worry. Kanner Lake's police force is wonderful, and they'd be at my place within five minutes if I called. But there's something nice about knowing help is only a push-button away.

After hearing about Audrey's success with the aquarium route to relaxation, I figured I'd try pet therapy. I have zero time for a dog, and I don't want to even think about cleaning a litter box, so a cat was out, too. Fins and Feathers set me up with a small fish tank and a few goldfish. I was assured all I had to do was sprinkle food into the water, and the fish would take care of the rest.

All went well this past week. Fish are really quite entertaining, believe it or not. I sat there last night, enjoying the sounds of a light jazz CD, and stared at their antics. The one with the googly black eyes kept staring back. I think I even tapped the glass and called him Blackie once. After I made a cup of tea, I settled onto the couch. I must have dozed off until 1:00 or so. I woke, shivering and fumbling for a sweater, my tea long grown cold.

Kanner Lake's weather right now brings chilly nights, and I'd left the living window open, the one next to the fish tank. (Told you I was relaxed--I was ready to hug Audrey for suggesting the fish.) Normally I go around and check the windows and doors twice in the evenings. This time when I went to shut the window, I screamed.

My entire brood of goldfish bobbed on the surface of the water like Wilbur's fishing lures (in miniature). I cried a few tears, something I don't do easily. I'll admit this to the entire blogosphere since today's post is a confession, after all. So I dried my eyes, covered the tank with a bath towel. I couldn't bear to look at Blackie. This morning I told Audrey the whole sorry tale. She and her hubby are stopping by tonight so he can scoop out the dead fish. I told him he could have the tank as payment for his trouble.

I'm a bad fish mom. I don't deserve pets. A good fish mom would have made sure the window was closed. I just never would have believed that an open window could kill my fish like that. The poor things. The next time I see the lady who runs Fins and Feathers, I don't think I'll have the heart to tell her what I did.

Hope she's not reading this blog.

Posted by ~ Bailey Truitt @ 7:00 AM
I'm telling on ya.
Posted by Anonymous larry cellaway : 8:17 AM
Oh, Pastor Hank, where are you? We need another funeral service!
Posted by Anonymous burt laroy : 8:18 AM
Just a note to you, Carla. I own a pet store in Spokane. If I see you coming, I'm locking the door.
Posted by Anonymous susan reitz : 3:40 PM
I'm guilty too. The kids begged for fish. They lived on the piano. No one looked at them but me. Ever. I forgot about them.
Posted by Blogger Janet Rubin : 3:44 PM
Aw, Carla, don't feel so bad...think of it as homemade sushi! ;)
Posted by Anonymous Kyle Rutner : 4:40 PM
Sheesh, Kyle, you're horrible!

Ignore him, Carla. It happens to the best of us. I lost a hamster once. And I mean "lost" as in I think he's crawling around my basement somewhere. :/
Posted by Blogger Sabrina L. Fox : 4:42 PM
you can have some of our farm cats...they don't need much...just toss em the scraps. They'll take the left over fish....
Posted by Blogger Mid Stutsman : 4:44 PM
I am fully available for fish funerals on Mondays Carla - just give me a call. I'll see if Andy can be a pall-bearer.
Posted by Anonymous Pastor Hank : 9:51 AM
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