Friday, September 15, 2006

Christmas In September

Christmas? Can you believe we're already talking about Christmas? I'm still warm from the lingering summer heat, or maybe my body's warming up to serious hot flashes. I can't imagine how anyone who has high humidity in their area manages to survive summer, by the way. Thankfully, Kanner Lake air is wonderfully dry. Another great reason to escape here.

Back to the subject of Christmas. Guess it's not too early to start inviting everyone to come to our play, I mean, if you have to travel hours and hours to visit us, we should give you a heads up on our local events far in advance, right? My John has the most beautiful tenor voice. Janet has asked him to sing in the Christmas program at our church. You really won't want to miss it. I'm hoping he'll be feeling more himself by then, stronger. So much has changed in our lives since the car accident that left John with epilepsy. Singing is one of the few things that remain the same. I may be a biased wife, but you really don't want to miss out.

Now of course, if we could get Hank to join in, seeing as he has this way with guitar (not that scratchy type of playing, but the kind that really seeps into your spirit and tells you why you're there!), we'd have a performance to rock the heavens! I can almost see it now. Hank and John make an amazing duo. I'll have to talk to Janet and see what she has planned.

The Christmas program is just one of many things that I love about the holiday season in Kanner. The easy smiles on people's faces, the lights going up, the decorations that tell family stories, and the sight of once familiar faces of people who come home for the holidays.

I know I'm sort of changing the subject, but I was just thinking the other day how every day here on this earth has a slightly different flavor, just like the drinks and treats I make here. They are made the same way every day but since I hand make them there are subtle differences, and they are each unique and individual.

The Beautiful Creator has given us these days, each with its own unique blend. Some are as different as espresso is from a low fat latte, but many feel comfortable and familiar. When a loved one is ill, you learn to thank God for every second together. We all need to wake up each morning and thank the Lord for a new day, and go out and make the most of it.

As for our town, you'd think all the publicity right now would be turning people away, but they're coming into Kanner Lake like flies to honey! I'm so glad. Java Joints hoppin' like never before. Of course, I wish the circumstances were different. Such a terrible thing to happen. Even so, I can just see all the good God is bringing out of it to make Kanner Lake a stronger and more united community.

-- Bailey

Posted by ~ Bailey Truitt @ 7:00 AM
Java Joint can stop all the hoppin' as far as I'm concerned. Well, I suppose it's okay as long as nobody takes my counter stool.
Posted by Anonymous wilbur hucks : 7:41 AM
I do still read about the case now and then in our local newspaper. I always have an "insider" feeling when I do. As if I know Kanner Lake for real (through Scenes and Beans), while the papers are just gleaning headlines.
Posted by Anonymous elizabeth monty : 7:43 AM
Hey, do we have you to blame for the end of summer, Bailey? We still had the warm weather, then all of a sudden--cold and rain. Now I see your post. Any connection?
Posted by Anonymous burt laroy : 8:11 AM
Okay, so who's what kind of coffee drink around here? (You started this, Bailey.) I'm an espresso topped with chocolate-covered coffee beans. My wife's a caramel-vanilla-mocha will triple the whip cream.

In other words, she's sweet to put up with me.
Posted by Anonymous larry cellaway : 6:51 PM
Burt, I take no "credit" for this wonderful weather change. Come on in for a hot cocoa if it get to ya.

Larry, your wife is such a sweetheart. She came in the other day to get you an espresso after that long fishing trip you guys went out on. Yep, she's a keeper!
Posted by Blogger ~ Bailey Truitt : 12:03 AM
Bailey, sounds like you're getting some of that nice weather we had toda in San Jose. I just love it. You can "smell" fall in the air. Less than a week until the first day! Yay!
Posted by Blogger Dineen A. Miller : 12:05 AM
Wow, that was beautiful, Bailey. I never thought about each day being like coffee. In that case, every day is good!

Christmas, wow, too soon for me.
Posted by Blogger Gina Holmes : 3:38 PM
It was all the fuss in the news that got me to google Kanner Lake in the first place. But I have to admit, the more I read your blog, the more I want to make the day long drive and visit.

The Christmas program sounds wonderful. I’d like to see it for myself.
Posted by Blogger The Curmudgeon's Rant : 9:34 PM
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