Friday, August 25, 2006

Watch Those Magnets!

Hello Everyone. I'm sure you've been enjoying these posts. I certainly have. Of course I do know all these wonderful folks, but it's been great to read their contributions and perspectives on Kanner Lake and life here.

There's little doubt that all of you laughed along with the rest of us on the antics of Bev and Angie as they chased "Eva Longoria" down the street. Those two are quite a pair. I'm sure you figured that out by now. I can only imagine what kind of trouble Angie got herself into when she was a girl. Oh my.

And it goes without saying how moving Wilbur's story was about Diana. Hank and I didn't know her, but ask anyone who did and they'll tell you she was everything Wilbur describes. And it's truly a miracle of the heart that Wilbur is what he is today. The grace of God, for sure. We're glad to have you around, you "old crank."

On another subject.

You all may recall the melee at the July 4th Parade? Remember the story about the "Manic Mowers" led by zany Larry Cellaway? (Check back to the July 6th post.) Poor Larry. It's a good thing that guy has a great sense of humor and is such a good sport. And he finished that day on another humorous note that's worth telling.

Hank and I met Larry and his wife, Carole, before we actually moved here. Larry is on the deacon board at the church and when we came for our interview, the Cellaways took us out to dinner one evening. We connected immediately and our friendship has grown and deepened through the years.

Anyway, we had plans for Larry and Carole to come for supper following the parade. It was a given that I'd make my famous raspberry sun-tea. So while Hank was grilling, Larry and Carole and I were sitting around the patio table, chatting. Larry had come in with his sunglasses on. He has those kind that are magnetized to the eye glasses. He does wear glasses most of the time, so he simply took off the sunglass part. I had poured up the tea into my favorite "Stars and Stripes" tumblers, stuck long-handled teaspoons in each, and Larry had added a bit of sugar to his glass. He didn't take out the spoon before he went to take a drink. All of a sudden, the handle of the teaspoon jumped out of the glass--drawn by the magnet on the side of Larry's glasses! I nearly choked on my own tea.

Larry, nut that he is, calmly set the glass down, picked up a spare teaspoon, and attached it to the other side of his glasses. He looked like something from another planet! We laughed until I thought we'd be sick. Naturally I took a picture so I could put it in my scrapbook. (To tell you the truth, I have an entire section dedicated to Larry Cellaway.)

He took it all in great stride and laughed at himself. Typical Larry! Carole took it all in with a roll of her eyes and her usual good-natured humor. She's SO used to his antics.

We did manage to get our dinner finished in fine fashion and had a great night with them. It's never boring with Larry and Carole!

Blessings to all,

-- Janet Detcher

Posted by ~ Bailey Truitt @ 7:00 AM
I must say, being able to laugh at yourself is a gift. So many people take themselves so seriously.
Posted by Anonymous elizabeth monty : 9:05 AM
It takes all types, I suppose, though I wonder about a few of them.
Posted by Blogger Bev Trexel : 12:07 PM
Isn't good that we have people like Larry around? I think they're one of God's gifts to all us "adults," to remind us not to take life or ourselves too seriously.
Posted by Blogger Cora Paxton : 12:10 PM
Yep, what would Kanner Lake be without Larry? He keeps us grinning.
Posted by Anonymous burt laroy : 2:05 PM
Maybe S-Man can use Larry for one of his space aliens.
Posted by Anonymous fred wiley : 9:21 AM
Hi, Janet and all the Java Joint bloggers. I have been lurking on this site for a while--this is the first time I've posted a comment. Just wanted to say I'm enjoying all the stories. Bailey, you had a great idea here. I'm sure this blog has made more people want to visit Kanner Lake. I hope my husband and I can come--maybe next summer.
Posted by Anonymous ruth n. : 9:24 AM
I visited Coeur d'Alene last summer but didn't make it over to Kanner Lake. Sounds like I missed the best part of north Idaho. I'll have to come back and see your town.

Oh, don't mean to talk down Coeur d'Alene, though. It was beautiful! We absolutely loved the lake and town. Lots of nice shops there, too.
Posted by Anonymous sori peters : 9:26 AM
I laughed so hard at the July post about Larry losing his skirt in the parade! No wonder the guy's a town legend. Does he come into Java Joint much? Why isn't he one of your post-writers? He'd be a lot of fun.
Posted by Anonymous melanie simmes : 9:29 AM
I just happened to be reading these comments on a quiet Sunday morning when the last one came through. Melanie, thanks for the plug. But I'm not all that great at writing. I'll leave the writing antics to Jake and Wilbur and the rest of the Scenes and Beans gang, and reserve mine for the fourth of July parade, my pastor's house, and basically anywhere else in town I can find.
Posted by Anonymous larry cellaway : 9:31 AM
What a hoot. Didn’t I see something like that on “my favorite Martian”? Something happened and Uncle Martin showed his magnetic personality. Hmm... maybe it was Phenomenon?
Posted by Blogger The Curmudgeon's Rant : 1:06 PM
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