Thursday, August 24, 2006

Love Those Earrings!

Hi, folks, Sarah Wray here again. I sure got a lot of razzing about my new outfit the last time I posted. Jake Tremaine laughed his fool head off 'cause he said I should have told you all about the earrings that went with the outfit.

Well, I'm here to tell you those earrings are the height of fashion in San Francisco.

They're described as haute couture in on online store. That's high fashion to us normal folks here in Kanner Lake. They hang down about three inches from my ear. Each earring starts out with a little silver chain about an inch long that has a half inch hoop hanging from it. Then from the bottom of the hoop there is another little length of shiny silver chain that ends in another hoop. The top hoop has a hot pink ball in it. The second hoop has a lime green ball in it. They are just as cute as punch. And they match my outfit to a tee!

I wore the outfit to a party at Darla Bloom's house and 'ol Wilbur like to fall of Darla's couch laughing. He even had to grab on to his chest and hold his scar. The rest of the men started kidding me about letting him use the earrings as lures to catch that 'ol catfish that he and Jake Tremaine are fighting over.

Now isn't that the silliest thing? I mean them fighting over a fish, that neither of them can seem to catch. Give that fish a few more years in that slough and it's gonna' get so big it'll grow legs and walk out on its own.

The other ladies, Paige included, have told me they like my earrings, so I'm keepin' them, and that settles it.

Speaking of online stores, I'm fixing up my own web site. I've got some of the local teen girls helping me upload pictures and such. It's like designing my real store. Everything has its own little cubby hole. These girls are a whiz at this. I got Paige to help me for a few hours. When it's all ready, maybe Bailey will put a link to it up on this blog.

By the way, Paige is doing okay, and that's all I'm going to say about that. I love that girl, and I'm standing by her and praying for the best.

Bye until next time.

-- Sarah

Posted by ~ Bailey Truitt @ 7:00 AM
Sarah, I look forward to seeing your web site URL on this blog. I will be happy to visit your store virtually.
Posted by Anonymous elizabeth monty : 7:00 AM
We still get stories in our newspaper about Kanner Lake and Paige, and all. Not every day but at least twice a week. I wonder--do you have more people coming into your store now just to see Paige? I mean like more tourists?
Posted by Anonymous carly suggs : 7:01 AM
Sarah, I love the way you dress. So colorful and cheerful. It just fits you. Don't listen to any naysayers!
Posted by Anonymous janet detcher : 7:03 AM
You go girl. I LOVE big earrings! And I love pink. With three daughters, it is the official color of my household.
Posted by Blogger Janet Rubin : 7:25 AM
Sarah, you go ahead and wear those earrings and be proud about it. :)
Posted by Blogger C. Radling : 8:06 AM
Ohhhhh, those earings sound really cool. And I agree with you Mrs. Wray, fighting over a fish you can't catch is just plain silly!
Posted by Blogger AnnaMaria : 8:48 AM
I don't know anything about earrings. But the wife would no doubt like looking over your stuff online. Get that web site link up soon.
Posted by Anonymous al bentley : 12:33 PM
Hi, Sarah! I'll bet your dangly earrings were cute as a button. I'm with you. Who wants to wear dark colors? Life's too short not to splash a little.
Posted by Anonymous terri whitnul : 2:27 PM
I still say I can catch Big Jonah with one of those lures. They ain't earrings, that's for sure. I even cut a picture out of my Bass Pro catalog this morning to prove it.

The lures in the catalog are cheaper, you might want to try looking in there for your next big fashion statement.
Posted by Blogger Jake Tremaine : 3:18 PM
See here now, what do you think?

Check this baby out!

Or these?

These are nice and shiny
Posted by Blogger Jake Tremaine : 3:33 PM
Earings are not fishing lures. Their for fashion only.
Posted by Blogger AnnaMaria : 9:02 AM
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