Tuesday, August 15, 2006

How I "Fell" For John

Hello, everyone, it's Bailey. Hope you are enjoying all the posts here.

I want to tell you how my husband, John, and I got together when we were teenagers. It's been almost forty years now. (Hard to believe.) It was just after the Fourth of July parade (this was before the Manic Mowers, by the way), and we were having the community picnic down around the lake. I love fireworks, and Kanner Lake puts on a mighty show of them every year. The way they shimmer off the water, well, there's nothing quite like it.

As darkness fell and the fireworks were about ready to begin, I scooted away from Mom and Dad's watchful eyes and climbed up a little hill at the edge of the lake for a better view. Some boys were tossing a football on the flat top of that hill, but I didn't pay them much mind.

So there I stood, minding my own business, anticipating the beginning of the show, when suddenly I found myself tumbling down the hill and into the lake.

I came up sputtering, trying to wipe my eyes and see who was villainous enough to push me. I spotted a boy that used to go my school, looking horrified. I hadn't seen him in a couple of years, and I sure didn't remember him being quite so handsome. His name was John Truitt.

It made me realize how awful I must look, and I wanted to cry--half because of that and half because I was mad at being pushed. I would have like to look my best and instead I looked my worst.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to back into you!" John scrambled down the slippery slope and extended his hand to help me out.

"Watch out!" a voice cried from above. Someone had sent the football on a wild throw, and it pegged John square in the back of the head. He pitched right into the lake with me.

We helped one another climb out of there, both of us wet, muddy messes. John apologized profusely and tried to help me clean up. He only made matters worse and pretty soon we were laughing so hard we could barely stand.

Our first "date" was the following night. My parents let us go down to the city beach and watch the sunset. We laughed all over again about what had happened. I fell in love with John that night. To this day one of my favorite sounds is the sound of his voice, especially his laughter.

That's why looking over Kanner Lake always makes me happy. It brings back wonderful memories of how John and I got together, and the life we've shared here.

Posted by ~ Brandilyn Collins @ 7:00 AM
It sounds as if the two of you got off to a big splash!
Posted by Blogger The Curmudgeon's Rant : 11:25 PM
I love reading people's stories of how they first met. Thanks for sharing it, Bailey. My husband has developed a whopper of a tale about our meeting. The location and the two of us being there is about all that's accurate. You should have seen my Dad's face the first time he heard Eric telling that tale!
Posted by Blogger Cara Putman : 7:03 AM
So for you, there just weren't any other fish in the sea (er, Lake) after that? What a sweet story! :-)
Posted by Blogger Lynetta : 8:19 AM
Maybe I should look for a guy to push me into a lake . . .
Posted by Anonymous carly suggs : 9:09 AM
What a wonderful story. My husband and I also were teenage sweethearts. I didn't "fall" for him in the lake, but I did stumble and fall at his feet while leaving a footbal game at our school. How many times we laughed over the symbolism!
Posted by Anonymous elizabeth monty : 9:11 AM
Well, me too. The wife and I got together when we were both fifteen. Got married out of high school--and stayed that way. Don't see that too much anymore. Glad to hear these similar stories.
Posted by Anonymous fred wiley : 9:12 AM
Yeah Kanner Lake does seem to be a place where one would find "love in the water".

Other than that it really does sound like a nice place to visit. ;)
Posted by Blogger Stuart : 12:10 PM
Well, everybody knows I had a major crush on Bailey in high school. John got her first. Turned out okay, though, since I found my own darlin', and we've been married ever since.
Posted by Anonymous burt laroy : 12:50 PM
Thanks for sharing. You seem so sweet, a guy would be out of his mind not to stick with ya.
Posted by Blogger Pammer : 3:31 PM
That is so sweet. Way better than my story: Before we started dating, my Dave already owned out house. He rented the basement to another guy. Well, I dated the basement guy and after I dumped him, Dave showed up at my work, apparrently happy about the breakup and wanting a date! Here we are 11 years later...
Posted by Blogger Janet Rubin : 7:57 PM
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