Tuesday, July 11, 2006

S-Man's World

Shnakvorum rikoyoch. (Greetings, friends.)

This is my initial hail from Java Joint in Kanner Lake, since Bailey has graciously asked me to fill a spot on her blog. My name is Ted, though the regulars call me S-Man, due to what they might term an "obsession" with my world of Sauria. I prefer to think of it as intense concentration and single-minded determination to bring this world to life through writing.

As Bailey has given me free rein regarding the content of my blog entries, I want to tell you all about Sauria and the novel that is set within it, Starfire.

I can sense many of you asking, "What is this Sauria thing?" The answer is simple. Sauria is a fictional alien world inhabited by a race of beings that bear a striking resemblance to dinosaurs. There are many different swotelakyoch (or bloodbonds/clans) of Saurians, of all colors and sizes, ranging from a humble two feet tall to a staggering sixty feet.

Starfire is set during a pivotal time on Sauria, when the two super-powers of Saurian, the Herian Dynasty and the Karn Empire, are perched on the brink of war. Over the last thousand years these two powers have re-emerged from the ashes of a world-wide cataclysm, still nursing ancient hatreds. Held in check only by a great barrier that splits their planet in twain.

Yet there have been rumors circulating among the Karn Empire that the Herians have discovered a way to breach this barrier (which, in fact, they activated to save themselves from the Empire's grasp during a great war after the cataclysm.) And Melgor, the Emporor of Karn, has begun re-positioning his military forces, giving credence to the rumors.

Add into this mix an ancient prophecy about a Saurn who will rise from his place and determine the fate of the entire world, and things are bound to get dicey. Starfire is the story of the prophesied Saurn who, though unaware of the foretelling, is swept up by forces and events beyond his understanding to finally confront his destiny and choose to destroy the Fire's Eye, or unleash the fire of the stars upon his world.

Over my next few blog entries I will give you a little behind-the-scenes look at Sauria and Starfire. Looking at where the ideas came from, who the characters are, and some other fun creatures and locations of the world. I think you'll find that in the end, things are only strange on the surface.

My first brush with Sauria started in a hospital . . .

Posted by ~ Bailey Truitt @ 6:00 AM
Shnakvorum S-man,

Wow - Your book sounds fascinating. I look forward to hearing more.

Na-nu, na-nu
Posted by Anonymous Curm : 9:50 PM
I think that Ted has inhaled some of that Kanner Lake water a few too many times. Don't have to worry about drinking the water in Kansas lakes ... they won't cause you to 'think' about far away places :)
Posted by Blogger Kansas Bob : 5:10 AM
I'm with Curm. The book sounds great. When will we see it in bookstores? :)
Posted by Blogger Rachel : 7:03 AM
Thanks for your kind words Rachel and Curm. I'm hoping you'll get to see this story in bookstores as soon as possible.

Of course I have to finish it first, and I'm currently having issues with one of the characters who keeps telling me he's not who I think he is.

And admit it, K-bob, you're just jelous that you haven't been whisked away by any tornadoes to fanciful far off lands like a certain Kansas girl was... ;)

Posted by Blogger S-man : 8:30 AM
S-Man, I have to admit, you've always sort of creeped me out when I've seen you hunched over your laptop at Java Joint. Sorry about that. Your book sounds a lot more interesting than I thought it would. I hope I get a chance to read it someday.
Posted by Blogger Scott Allen : 8:36 AM
The boy, indeed, has an imagination that beats all I've ever seen.

I can't keep up with most of what S-man says and I only know a couple of words in S-language. All the same, not to bad for an old man like me.
Posted by Blogger Jake Tremaine : 9:03 AM
Okay, Ted, have you had a med check lately??

Or after reading your post, maybe it's me who needs medicated. LOL.

Good luck with the stubborn character. ;)
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 9:49 AM
I think your book soumds very interesting. I will love to read it when it comes out.

Oh, Bailey, great posts!
Posted by Blogger AnnaMaria : 11:27 AM
See why I say the kid's a mite touched in the head?
Posted by Anonymous Wilbur : 2:08 PM
S-Man, SO great to see your post! I LOVE authors! They're sort of mysterious and intellectual and fascinating all at the same time. I'd read your book any day.

And Mr. Hucks, he's not "touched in the head," he's just brilliant!
Posted by Anonymous Carly Suggs : 2:10 PM
Don't know about the brilliant part, but the man's creative, I'll give him that. It's a new side of Ted. I mean, we only knew him as an outdoorsman and logger before he broke his leg.
Posted by Anonymous burt laroy : 2:12 PM
Science fiction is not an easy genre to write, given that the author must create a whole new world. And it sounds as if Ted has even created his own language. I applaud your efforts, Ted, and wish you the best in pursuing publication. I've never written fiction myself but have some friends who are aspiring novelists, and watching them, I've seen it can be a difficult road.
Posted by Anonymous Elizabeth Monty : 2:53 PM
I read science fiction. S-Man, look forward to seeing Starfire in the stores!
Posted by Anonymous Fred Wiley : 2:57 PM
Wuchak, everyone. Your words have encouraged me, even those of you who think I'm a we bit jarkotin.

As for that stubborn character, looks like I'm going to have to let him stew for a while, just not cooperating with me. But it's ok I need to do some more fleshing out of Sobogan Drtn and Kottoe Jen anyway.

So once again, Wuchak! And don't drink the water. ;)

Posted by Blogger S-man : 6:32 PM
Hmmp! So that's whatcha' been doin' holed up in that corner all this time.

Don't know that I'd call ya' tetched in the head...maybe a mite of a dreamer.

That's a good thing for a young man to be...there's a whole world of possibilities to explore.

And dreamin' will keep ya' young!
Posted by Anonymous darla bloom : 7:20 PM
Awesome story, Ted. Sounds like my kind of sci-fi. I can't wait to hear more!
Posted by Blogger Virginia Smith : 7:38 PM
Don't read science fiction myself, but I sure do envy your imagination. I say keep at it. Life's for dreaming and taking on new challenges.
Posted by Anonymous r.j. hager : 8:23 PM
I can't wait to get my hands on that book! It sounds wonderful. I think an active imagination is one of the best things in the world to have. (Though my hubby may beg to differ with me.)
Posted by Blogger Pammer : 8:51 PM
*stumbles into Java Joint*

Oh, pardon me. I'm just passing through town here, and I had to come get something to wet my whistle...even though I'm just a johnny-one-note when it comes to whistling. Oh, well I *can* whistle at a good-looking guy, but that's another story.

Anyway, seems like you folks have a real nice hangout spot here in this little town. Been sitting back and observing for a bit and really like the people I've seen. Haven't met anyone personally, but S-Man...I'm a writer too (on a research vacation of sorts out this way).

Stick with it. You seem to have a lot of creativity locked up there in that brain of yours, and these folks in town seem to support you a lot.

Might just hang out a mite bit longer here. Sure could use the break and the rest.
Posted by Blogger Tiff/Amber Miller : 1:21 PM
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