Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Look Who's Blogging Now

Hello, world!

Bailey Truitt here, proud owner of Java Joint coffee shop in beautiful Kanner Lake, Idaho. I'm so excited to be writing my first post, I hardly know where to begin. A lot of the regulars who hang out at Java Joint are all crowded around the computer, trying to be helpful. Trouble is, with their "help" I can hardly hear myself think. I've put my computer on a corner table in the cafe so everyone who's going to participate (see list at left) can write their posts conveniently. However, I'm already beginning to think I'll write my own posts at home.

First some background on us.

I've started this blog to tell everyone about our town--a wonderful tourist destination all year round. If you don't know northern Idaho, you're really missing something. Kanner Lake is in the panhandle, about half-way between the little towns of Spirit Lake and Priest River, and northwest of Coeur d'Alene. This is an area of pristine lakes, mountains and forests. Our own Kanner Lake is plenty big for boating, not to mention some dynamite fishing spots. Our town, population 1700, is at the north end of the lake. Main Street and the downtown area, where Java Joint sits, is just a block up from the city beach. You can stay at one of the many B&Bs in town. Water sports in the summer, snow mobiling and skiing in the winter, and hunting in season.

I could go on and on about Kanner Lake, but Wilbur says I'm beginning to sound like a travel brochure. Which prompted Carla to huff at him to leave me alone. Wilbur crabbed back (naturally), and now Pastor Hank's trying to keep the peace. Bev's muttering at Wilbur; Jake's telling me to hurry and get off so he can write his post about driving his wife crazy now that he's retired, plus some near catastrophe with a resident moose; Angie's giggling at Jake's story; and ace reporter Leslie just walked in wearing a new pair of glitzy jeans and wanting her usual "biggie" latte. Only Ted (S-Man) is leaving me alone, but then he's busy writing his own masterpiece.

Maybe this blog thing isn't such a good idea after all.

I need to make Leslie's drink and calm this crew down (lots of luck, I know), then I'll be back . . .
Okay. Half an hour later, and it's a little quieter in here. I almost deleted the last three paragraphs, but really, if you want to read this blog, you'll get to know us all soon anyway, so you might as well know right off the bat what you're getting into. Everyone here is terrific. Thats true. They just all have Personality with a capital P. And with all that Personality going on, things can get rather lively.

Java Joint has its own Personality too. Our drinks come in sizes small, middler and biggie. Casting no aspersions, but I always thought that a "tall" for a small-size drink was a mite confusing. We also have wonderful pastries, plus sandwiches for lunch.
Well, guess what. I wrote all the above on Monday the 3rd and didn't get to post it until today. Carla tells me this will never do for a blog. She says I have to post on time and regularly. So I promise from now on that I and the other Scenes and Beans bloggers will write our posts a day ahead of time, then I'll put them up early the next morning. And we'll post Monday through Friday. Okay?

So yesterday was the 4th, and our annual town parade. As always, it was a lot of fun. But this year's parade didn't go smoothly, to say the least. We had quite the domino effect when one section of the marchers got out of step. The whole town's still laughing about what happened. Everyone here at Java Joint wants to be the one to tell the story. To be fair I think we'll all write the post together. So come back tomorrow to hear all the details--if this crazy crew can work together long enough to tell it.

You see, the favorite of each year's parade is the Manic Mowers. About 30 men perform routines with their push lawn mowers, with a leader calling out the steps like some hard-nosed drill sergeant. All done with perfectly straight faces, of course. To make it even funnier, some of the men dress like women--fake busts and all. The trouble started when a bee decided to land on Larry Cellaway's nose. This wouldn't have been so bad if Larry and his trusty lawn mower weren't in the middle of one of the Manic Mower's famous precision 540-degree whirl-abouts...

Posted by ~ Brandilyn Collins @ 7:00 AM
Bailey, glad to see your blog is up and you're telling folks about Kanner Lake. Like I told you I'll be reading your posts regularly. Make us Kanner Lake residents proud, now!
Posted by Anonymous Cindy S. : 1:34 AM
Hi, Bailey and everyone at Java Joint. I was googling for "northern idaho" and found your site. Very interesting. Looking forward to hearing more about your town.
Posted by Anonymous R.J. Hager : 1:36 AM
Hi, Bailey! Sorry I couldn't be with the rest of the gang while you were writing your first post. As usual, I was busy running my store, Simple Pleasures. But I look forward to writing my own posts for Scenes and Beans soon.
Posted by Anonymous Sarah Wray : 1:38 AM
Howdy Bailey,

We will be visiting relatives in Kanner Lake, so I thought I’d do a search on coffee shops and I found you. Welcome to the world of blogging.

It sounds like you have a heck of a shop. I own a small bistro myself; just outside Seattle, but we don’t have a precision mower drill team.

I’ll bring you a genuine “Curm’s Coffee Corner” mug when I visit.
Posted by Anonymous Curm : 2:14 AM
This is a great idea Bailey and I can't wait to get started. When is it my turn again? Can't you just bump me up to the front? Surely I got more to tell then Wilbur. He's probably bugging somebody right now to take a picture of that doggone scar of his.

Hey there Cindy! Tell your better half I got a fishing pole with his name on it.

Sarah, would you mind wrapping me up one of those good smelling candles? I think I did it again. I think she's mad at me.
Posted by Blogger Jake Tremaine : 5:30 AM
I've been looking to visit Idaho soon, and I know where my first stop will be. Caffeine up at Java Joint! (Leslie, I'm with you. Biggie lattes all around, please!)
Posted by Blogger C.J. Darlington : 6:06 AM
Hi from another blogging chick!! Welcome to the world of blogging!!

Mary, mom to many
Posted by Blogger owlhaven : 7:09 AM
Nice Job Bailey!

Somebody pass me one of those lattes. :)
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 7:35 AM
Hi, Bailey (and all who hang out at the Java Joint)! Welcome to the blogosphere! :)
Posted by Blogger Becca : 7:37 AM
So Wilbur has a scar, huh. Wilbur, how old are you, if you don't mind my asking? I'm seventy-nine, and I've got a scar of my own. Triple bypass. Is this what you had? I ought to come to Kanner Lake so we can compare chests.
Posted by Anonymous Fred Wiley : 8:35 AM
Bailey, I agree with your assessment of the "tall" drinks at a certain coffee drinking establishment. I never understood that myself. I have even had occasion to meet the man who started Starbucks (at a fund-raising dinner in Seattle). I had the "gall" as my husband later declared, to ask the man about this. I received a shrug for an answer--albeit a gracious one. His reply was something akin to the old adage, "If it isn't broken, don't fix it."
Posted by Anonymous Elizabeth Monty : 8:39 AM
Kanner Lake Idaho. Didn't I hear about some kinda trouble up in that neck of the woods?
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 9:25 AM
Shnakvorum Baily,

Nice to see the blog up and running. I will say that all the clamor around that table matched the scene I was working on perfectly. The port at Sobogan Drtn is almost as rowdy as the Java Joint was.

This is going to be quite the adventure.

Saree Larkime,

Posted by Blogger S-man : 9:48 AM
Bailey, I'm so excited to see the KL blog up and running. I stopped by Simple Pleasures a couple of weeks ago to pick up a jar of one of those special mustards Sarah carries. She told me about your blog. Wasn't the parade a blast yesterday? Except what a scorcher. 102 degrees I heard. This is gonna be so much fun!
Posted by Anonymous Katie : 11:06 AM
What kind of language is that S-Man using? Sounds like he's from another planet.

Ms. Truitt, thank you for the fun read. I look forward to returning to your new blog, which I just happened to stumble upon.
Posted by Anonymous Carly Suggs : 1:09 PM
Can't wait to read your Manic Mowers story. As one of the Manic Mowers, I have a certain stake in your telling. Make it good, ya hear?

And next year--Larry Cellaway ain't dressing himself, that's all I got to say.
Posted by Anonymous Burt Laroy : 1:14 PM
Bailey, I'm delighted your blog is up. I have a cousin who lives in Kanner Lake and she's been telling me about it. I think she's going to be one of your contributors.

Anyway, I'll be visiting her this summer some time, and I'd sure like one of those biggie lattes. I'm a real caffiene guzzler. Just like my cousin.
Posted by Blogger Ane Mulligan : 1:24 PM
Welcome to the wonderful world of publishing. You're a natural. Just don't steal ALL the good stories- don't want people dropping their newspaper subscriptions!
Posted by Blogger Janet Rubin : 1:27 PM
They have computers in Idaho? Guess there is more to that place than I thought. What's the weather like up there? Hot down here in Kansas.
Posted by Blogger Kansas Bob : 2:01 PM
So do computers in Idaho run on potato batteries?

This does look like it will be a very entertaining blog! What crazy characters to have coopped up in a little place like that.

Dunno about that S-man guy though, seems like a hack writer to me. Couldn't even spell Bailey's name right!

Look forward to getting to know the citizens of Kanner Lake better!

Posted by Blogger Stuart : 2:12 PM
Bailey! Smooth words coming from someone who makes the best latte west of the Mississippi. You know, I was skeptical at first of all this interweave stuff, or is that internylon? Can never remember what they call this thing. If it wasn't for my son I'd never have even read your very first post. Hey, do I get a free latte for commenting?
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 2:26 PM
Mmm, coffee. Welcome, Bailey, et al to the blogosphere. Nice look here.
Posted by Blogger Gina Holmes : 4:25 PM
Nice to meet you, Bailey. Looking forward to getting to know everyone in Kanner Lake. Sounds like a dream place to live. What a shame things won't stay so idyllic. *g*

So, do you serve any drinks *other* than coffee? The pastries and sandwiches sound great, but going to need a non-coffee drink to go with them.

Welcome to the blogosphere!
Posted by Blogger Tiff/Amber Miller : 4:51 PM
Hey, Bailey

Well, I would absolutely love to visit Kanner Lake and meet everyone, but I'm worried y'all might be coffee snobs. Please tell me you serve tea. I get so tired of coffee drinkers getting lots of extra perks (no pun intended!) and I can barely get a second pot of hot water for my weak tea bag!

And speaking of perks, can you tell me something? Is Pastor Hank single? :)
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 5:20 PM
Dear Anonymous:

One of our Scenes and Beans bloggers, Janet Detcher, would certainly have me tell you that Hank is long taken--by her. However, if you're in the late twenties to early thirties range, S-Man is up for grabs. You'd just have to be willing to travel to Sauria.
Posted by Blogger ~ Bailey Truitt : 7:54 PM
Do they have tea on Sauria, then?

So sorry to hear about Pastor Hank....

How about a few more stats for S-Man? Any chance the ground on Sauria is littered with rock-size diamonds?

single and suddenly interested in being coupled
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 8:09 PM
Oh, my, Bailey, you are not actually using this blog as a dating service, are you?

Bev Trexel
Posted by Anonymous Bev Trexel : 8:11 PM
Great first post!
Posted by Blogger M. C. Pearson : 8:35 PM
Bailey your post was timely. I am in Kansas visiting Kim Sawyer and need another destination when I leave. Hmmm Denver or Idaho? Decisions, decisions.

I can speak some Saurian if you need me, S-man.
Posted by Blogger eileen : 9:11 PM
Well done!
Posted by Blogger audrey` : 2:39 AM
I can't thank you enough for doing this blog. I'm already scheduling a stop in Kanner Lake for my next vacation.

I'm a coffee hound, so you KNOW I'll be visiting with you.

Great job. (especially with all your 'help')
Posted by Blogger Pammer : 6:14 AM
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