Thursday, July 27, 2006

How Sauria Came About

Shnakvorum rikoyoch!

Bailey has once again graciously allowed me to return to the keyboard and continue my explorations of Sauria with the wider world. (And I must say, after recent events, I'd rather focus on Sauria.)

I think the best place to start here would be how I came to be writing about, to put it crudely, a world of alien dinosaurs. And judging by most people's reactions when I talk about my story, most assume I'm a spur short of a claw (which by the way are military unit designations within the Karn Imperial Army).

As I left off with my previous post--my first brush with Sauria can be tracked back to a hospital.

You see I was a logger once, and quite content to be so for the most part, until my leg got into a tangle with a 400-lb tree. And though it was a valiant fight, the tree won out in the end, and I was left with a leg full of bone shards.

So I ended up spending quite a bit of time in the local hospital, out of a job, with medical bills piling up and disability running thin, and no chance of me ever working timber again.

Toward the end of my second day in the hospital, I was woken up late one night by a scratching sound. I was pretty groggy from both sleep and pain meds, but I have the distinct image of a sandy-haired boy scratching away at my cast with a little stub of a pencil. I don't remember anything else, and would have written it off as a delusion except for one thing.

When I woke the next morning there was a simple pencil drawing on my otherwise blank cast. It was of a funny looking dinosaur riding a pogo stick. And scrawled underneath in big, childlike letters was a name: Pike.

When I asked the nurse about the boy later, I discovered his name was Oscar, and that he'd been released earlier that morning with his parents after recovering from a bout with pneumonia. That's all I ever learned about him.

But something about his drawing snared my mind. Maybe it was due to the pain medication but as I lay there, looking at Pike on his pogo stick, I began to wonder what his story was. Where did he come from? Did he have any friends? Any enemies? Why was he on a pogo stick?

And as I lay there, agonizing over the story of this simple drawing, some small voice in the back of my mind began wondering . . .

"Is this what it feels like to go insane?"

-- S-Man

Posted by ~ Bailey Truitt @ 7:00 AM
S-man, I’m a 7th grader and I hope to be a writer too someday. Scifi ROCKS!

Hey, what do these dino-men eat when the go out on the town? Is everyone a meatasaurus or are there vegisaurus’s too?
Posted by Anonymous Oscar Meyer : 11:33 PM
Don't worry, S-Man, you're in good company if you're really insane, 'cause all writers are a bit loopy. ;)

A fellow novelist,

Becca :)
Posted by Blogger Becca : 7:19 AM
S-man I want to know what they eat too. And does Pike have a fav eating out place?
Posted by Anonymous Kjersten : 9:16 AM
Wow, S-man! Never heard about Oscar. Everything makes sense now.
Posted by Anonymous Claire Moore from high school : 9:58 AM
Insanity? Hardly. You've just joined the ranks of the only normal people in the world--novelists. Is it our fault that the everyone else is weird?
Posted by Blogger C. Schroeder : 11:42 AM
Hi S-man!
Great to see you here. Loved reading about the bases of your insanity. LOL! I got those dinosaur decals you ordered. You're right, they're way more detailed than the picture showed. Should work great for your little preject. When do you plan to share it with the rest of the town? ;-)
Posted by Anonymous Mollie/Hobby House of Kanner Lake : 11:53 AM
Thank you for posting S-man. It's exciting to have our very own writer in town. Would you like to speak to my creative writing class this year? I'm sure they would love to hear how a science fiction writer gets ideas and sets up stories.
Posted by Anonymous Darlene Clanton : 11:59 AM
Hello Oscar, if you work hard and pay attention in school and to the world around you I'm sure you'll become a great writer. (I'm told you should read a lot too).

Saurians are Omnivores (they eat meat and plants) though some of the clans tend to favor one over the other.

Pike was always too busy to ever get to go out to eat, but he really loved a well prepared klant.

Klants are common walking plants on Sauria, and are usually prepared by cooking them in their hard outer shell then slicing the main body into steak-like slices, while the legs are eaten much like crab legs are here on Earth.

There is an old light-tower near the port of Sobogan Drtn that got turned into a restraunt that is frequented by soldiers of the Karn Imperial Army. I'm told their roast Sornt haunch is quite good.

As for my project, Mollie, that's going to stay a secret for a bit longer.

Posted by Blogger S-man : 12:01 PM

I guess I could talk to your class, though I'm not sure I'd make a great example.

Crushing your leg and getting hopped up on drugs then having a midnight visit from a mysterious kid seems like rather bad advice for idea genration...

Ever thought of having Wilbur speak about where his stories come from? *wink*

Posted by Blogger S-man : 12:15 PM
Ted, as I told you before, I cannot understand your genre, but I do understand the throes of creativity, as I have numerous writer friends. I'd admire your imagination.
Posted by Anonymous elizabeth monty : 4:11 PM
I read science fiction myself, and look forward to the day when we can pick up Starfire on book shelves. Go, S-Man! Make us proud.
Posted by Anonymous burt laroy : 4:12 PM
War of the Worlds was one of my favorite stories. Sounds like you got yourself your own war of the worlds, S-Man.

Bailey, think you can start serving roast Sornt haunch at Java Joint? That just might get me on a plane to come visit.
Posted by Anonymous fred wiley : 4:16 PM
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