Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Giggle A Day

I'm not sure what all this blogging rigmarole is about, but as I tell folks, you're never too old to learn something new. I suppose my theory is about to be tested.

I'm Angie Brendt. My mind tends to jump from one thing to another, so I hope I keep on topic. I should first say I've heard there are a lot of slimy predators on the Internet. Bailey assures me I'll be okay, so don't go trying anything on me, you hear?

This is actually quite fun, and I'm excited to be a part of the blog. Me, little Angie Brendt (okay, I'm more stout than little), writing for all the world to read. I always wanted to be a writer. I started writing children's stories when Melissa and Frank, Jr. were tiny (they're only a year apart), but they would always end up with peanut butter or juice all over them. The stories, I mean. Well, I suppose, the kids did too.

A little background on me. I moved here right after Frank and I got married. I miss Frank so much--he passed away two years ago, far too young, from a heart attack. He and I met when I was twenty-seven in the summer of 1967 in San Francisco. You baby boomers will remember that as the "Summer of Love." It sure turned out to be the summer of love for me, 'cause I fell for Frank hard and fast. He'd come down to visit The City from Kanner Lake, where his dad ran a plumbing business. When we got married two months later, it was off to northern Idaho for this city gal.

Tell the truth, it took me a while to get used to the town and for the town to get used to me. I wore hippy-style clothes and just didn't quite fit in. But once I really got to know people, it all went fine. I went to work teaching third grade (which I'd done in California), but stopped for a few years when we had our kids. Once they were both in school, I was back teaching again.

I retired last year. Now my best friend, Bev (you'll hear from her tomorrow), and I meet at Java Joint most mornings. I just love Java Joint. And the whole town loves Bailey. She's the sweetest person you'll ever meet. Anyway, Bev and I talk and laugh. Well, I giggle. Bev wouldn't be caught dead giggling. But you know, it's about the only time I giggle any more since Frank died. He used to tell me I laughed like Goldie Hawn.

Every one on this blog has been telling you stories. I have one to tell you, too--about the time I nearly embarrassed poor Bev to death due to my antics. But I've sort of been rambling and maybe I'd better stop for now. You readers have been leaving nice comments. Please leave some for me. I'll be very happy to see them.

A giggle a day keeps the blues away.

-- Angie Brendt

Posted by ~ Bailey Truitt @ 7:00 AM
I want to hear your story, Angie. I can't believe you got one on Bev!!
Posted by Blogger Ane Mulligan : 6:52 AM
I've heard grown men giggle. I think it's healthy.
Posted by Blogger Domino : 7:21 AM
Hi Mrs. Brendt, remember me? I use to sit next to Billy Wexler (how could anyone forget him?)in your class. I had long scraggly black hair and black horned rimmed glasses! I remember how happy I was because my mom let me pick those glasses out myself--now when I look at the pictures, I have to wonder if my mother even liked me!

I'm glad to see you're still in Kanner Lake. I live in Lewiston now--only 3 hours from KL but I never seem to get back home. I'm a legal assistant for a Keeton & Tait, a great law firm. Mr. Keeton died in February, well into his 90s and we all miss him. I'm married and have 4 kids! They're great. I don't wear Garanimals anymore and I wear contacts now. Plus I cut that witchy looking hair years ago. You take care, Mrs. Brandt. It was great to read you post!
Posted by Anonymous Beth Connor : 7:58 AM
Hey Angie! I'll comment. My post the other day got the record lowest comments of any post on Bailey's blog so far. Must have ticked off more people than I realized over the years with my paper! My "faithful" reporter Leslie didn't even check in. I agree about laughter being the best medicine. When I get grumpy, my wife tickles me till I laugh. By the time she's done, I can't remember what my problem was.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 8:20 AM
Hi Angie. I really loved your post. I can hardly wait to find out about your friend Bev. Do you remember Laugh-In?
I am so looking forward to my trip and getting to see your town. I feel like I know y'all already.
Posted by Anonymous Karen Eve : 11:48 AM
Mr. Moore, I absolutely loved your post. May I suggest that the comments tallied so high on other posts due to the ridiculous bantering that broke out among the ranks? At least the comments to your post were appropriate. I thought your writing was wonderful. I look forward to hearing more from you.
Posted by Anonymous elizabeth monty : 11:56 AM
Hello, Ms. Brendt, it's Carly. I remember my third grade teacher real well. I loved third grade because she was so nice. I'll bet you were a real fun teacher.

P.S.--Hi, S-Man!
Posted by Anonymous carly suggs : 11:57 AM
Angie, you are one of the funnest people I know in Kanner Lake. You keep that giggle. My wife and I love it. Maybe that sourpus pal of yours will even pick up on it some day.
Posted by Anonymous burt laroy : 11:58 AM
Sourpuss indeed! You need to learn to hold that tongue of yours, Burt Laroy.
Posted by Blogger Bev Trexel : 12:59 PM
Hey Angie! So great to see you blogging. I can't wait to hear your stories!

Please share.
Posted by Anonymous Kanner Lake Resident : 5:01 PM
Mrs. Brendt - I'm so happy to see you blogging. I just got Beth Connor's email about the blog and all. I still remember how much fun it was to be in your class. I always wished you could be my mom. You were so pretty and so much fun. You encouraged me so much that today I own my own graphic arts studio in Thousand Oaks, CA (near Los Angeles) It's not as pretty as Kanner Lake, but I do love the beach, especially in the winter. I actually saw Goldie Hawn the other day and she reminded me of you. I remember how you used to giggle like her.
Gotta run and make sure the kids are asleep and spend some time with my hubby. Remember Willy Larson? We got married right after college. He says HI.
Blessings Mrs. Brendt
Posted by Anonymous Katrina Jones Larson : 7:10 PM
Angie, honey...I am one of the people who remember when you came to town. My heart like to stop. You snagged the cutest boy in town.

Frank sure was a looker. There were a lot of broken hearts for a real long time. That's probably why so many girls looked at you strange.

Here you come this, this citified upstart chick dressed like one of them there hippies. We didn't cotton to that kind of stuff here in Kanner Lake, teacher or not!

But your sweetness won us all over...even me! I pined for the loss of Frank for a good six months...until that new boy moved in from Missouri.

Well I'm glad we became friends and'll do great on this blogging thing. If I can figure out what buttons to push, I know a brainy school teacher like you can!
Posted by Anonymous darla bloom : 9:03 PM
Beth and Katrina, Of course I remember you. Thank you so much for finding me. It's a joy to know you're doing so well and think fondly of me.

Thanks everyone for being so kind. Bev is secretly a softy, but don't tell her I said that. She'll only deny it anyway. [Tee-hee]
Posted by Anonymous Angie : 3:59 AM
With a laugh like Goldie Hawn, you must be fun to be around. Looking forward to more!
Posted by Blogger Gina Holmes : 4:06 AM
Can't wait to hear how you embarrassed Bev. It's bound to be a great story.
Posted by Blogger Kelly Klepfer : 5:20 AM
Awwww, I can't wait to hear you giggle. Love the post (I found another person who thinks like me, yay!).

Can't wait to hear more from you.
Posted by Blogger Pammer : 8:46 PM
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