Monday, July 24, 2006

After the Weekend's Events

Dear blog readers:

I hardly know where to start. Janet Detcher, Pastor Hank's wife, was supposed to be up today. She's the last blogger to introduce herself. But after the weekend she didn't feel much like writing a post, and I felt I needed to say a few things to the nation and world.

When I started this blog to introduce Kanner Lake to the world at large just a short time ago, never would I have guessed that our town would soon be making national news. And in such a terrible way. We all have watched one news segment after another on TV. Some of the very people you've been introduced to on this blog were on those segments. The events have been devastating. We are all still in a state of shock.

Frankly, my first reaction was to shut down the blog and hide. Hide from the nation and world. Just try to help get Kanner Lake back on track. (Although that will be a long time in coming, with so much still unknown.) But after talking with my husband, John, I realized our town--and perhaps the nation--needs this blog now more than ever. When I started Scenes and Beans, I wanted to show you the flavor of a small town where people love each other, a town full of community and peace (despite the fact that some of our bloggers and commenters love to pretend to argue). Kanner Lake's peace has been shattered, but the love and community remains. Our town's residents will stand strong, and somehow we'll come out of this.

Ironic how this little blog, whose reputation I so wanted to build in order to tell the world about Kanner Lake, exploded in readership practically overnight--for all the wrong reasons. Suddenly we find ourselves the fascination of the country. I can understand that, really I can. What happened here is an amazing story, unexpected and full of surprises. And it's human nature to want to know the "inside scoop." So to those thousands of you who started reading after Saturday's events hit the news, I want to say--first, welcome, and second, please give us a chance to show you who we really are. Please go back and read the past introductory posts. Please stick with us, not to gain the latest gossip about the occurrences (because I promise you, you won't find it here), but to continue to celebrate life in small town America. In today's frightening and unpredictable world, such places do still exist. I--and all of us here--want that back for Kanner Lake. And we will get it. We will heal from this.

Speaking to Chief of Police Vince Edwards, and Leslie and Jared, our two reporters, I'm told to expect plenty of media people to continue coming to the town. Of course, we've been overrun with media, and they're still here. We welcome you, too. Even as we are in shock, we will try to be cordial and gracious. Just please--give us a little extra slack, okay? We were so unprepared for this. And Java Joint, as the town hangout, is thrust right in the middle of it. Some of our own bloggers whose lives were effected--well, they're just hanging on right now.

I will close for now, but tomorrow I will post again after I've had time to think about how to handle Scenes and Beans after this trauma. In the meantime we covet your prayers. God is the One who can bring good things out of chaos.

-- Bailey

Posted by ~ Bailey Truitt @ 6:00 AM
There just ain't words right enough.
Posted by Blogger Jake Tremaine : 5:16 AM
You are in my prayers.
Posted by Blogger Pammer : 6:44 AM
Bad things always happen to good people. And y'all are real good people. I'm not much on prayers and the like, but I could not read your blog and not feel for you.

And suddenly, it was like I was a little girl again, back in church with my daddy. I hope God heard and remembered this old woman as I asked him to comfort you and the residents of Kanner Lake.

Your neighbour from Priest Lake
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 8:21 AM
I just froze when the 10 O'clock news commericial flashed by talking about Kanner Lake. I couldn't imagine your sweet town on the national news. You've been in my prayers and I understand your need to focus on your hometown and let the press handle the news.
Posted by Anonymous Karen Eve : 8:31 AM
Bailey, who was that reporter with the bad rug?? He kept trying to make you look like some backward hick. But you were so gracious.

While it was nice to put names to faces seeing everyone on the news, it is so sad. I can see you have a great town, filled with caring and supportive people and I'm sure the world will see that, too.

Keep the faith and press on.

Posted by Anonymous Candice : 9:09 AM
Mom (((Angie Brendt)))
Please get off the internet and hang up the phone. I'm trying to call you. I was out of town all weekend and just heard the news. Are you OK? We need to talk about getting you DSL so your phone isn't tied up. Or getting you a cell phone.
Posted by Anonymous Frank Brendt Jr : 9:43 AM
I've read all about these happenings, Bailey, and me and Hardy, we've got you on our prayer list. You poor people. Living in a small town ourselves, we know how scandal devastates a community. A couple years ago we had a campaign scandal. Money disappeared. Was in the papers for months.

Keep your chin up, girlfriend.
Posted by Anonymous LaTisha Barnhart : 11:17 AM
I am saddened beyond words for your town. Such a complete shock. And to think how we'd heard of Paige Williams on this very blog. Sarah, you must be devastated to have such things happening with your employee. Know that I am thinking of you all. Bailey, hope you continue the blog. It will be your way of fighting back.
Posted by Anonymous elizabeth monty : 11:24 AM
Of course I was shocked to hear the news mention Kanner Lake, here so soon after I'd just happened to stumble on your blog. What a story. But then, being a vet myself and seeing events unfold up close, then hearing later how the news covered them, I know not to rely on everything the media says. Like Ms. Monty, I hope you keep up the blog so we can at least follow your lives as they get back on track. God bless.
Posted by Anonymous r.j. hager : 11:28 AM
I'm so sorry that today, of all days, you had to read through a comment from my son. Actually, I was on the phone with Bev. We just can't believe that this has happened in our town. But believe me, this is an isolated incident and no one needs to change their summer vacation plans. Everything is going to be just fine. BTW (that means by the way), please visit Simple Pleasures when you're here. Sarah is afraid that the news media is going to chase all her customers away.
Posted by Anonymous angie b : 11:29 AM
Gosh, I'm so sorry! I just cried when I heard the news! I told my mom this is the town I've been reading about on the blog! I'm glad to hear everyone is OK. Well, I guess, sort of everyone. I'm sorry for . . . everything. I'll be watching to see how it all turns out. Please keep the blog going!

S-Man, special hi to you.
Posted by Anonymous carly suggs : 11:30 AM
The wife and I have been talking about this since yesterday. I'm in shock like the rest of you, and I don't even live there. I can only imagine how you feel, small town and all, having all those reporters crawling around and asking questions. I'd want to hide too, Bailey. Keep your chin up. We're all rooting for you.
Posted by Anonymous fred wiley : 11:34 AM
Old Friends in Kanner Lake,
I can't believe this has happened in my home town. I know I've been gone for the last 10 years, but I'm planning to move back now that Capi has gone home to be with Jesus and the folks who have been renting our house are buying their own place. I'm coming home to stand proud with my friends in the best little town in the world, Kanner Lake.
Posted by Anonymous David Clanton : 1:23 PM
I've been trying to leave a comment for hours, but the thing wasn't working. Anyway, know that I praying for your town.
Posted by Anonymous wendell hautze : 10:03 PM
I just got on, too. The site would let me comment. I'm so sorry for what's happened to Kanner Lake. I've been reading your blog, although I haven't commented before today. Just want to let you know I'm supporting all of you up there.
Posted by Anonymous rachel goran : 10:05 PM
Hi. I found this blog after the news hit by googling Kanner Lake. I'm glad to see these posts about your regular lives. I hope you can get back to them soon.
Posted by Anonymous ed randers : 10:06 PM
I am truly so sorry for what's happened in your town. I will be praying for you all.
Posted by Anonymous natalie gaines : 10:08 PM
Bailey, thank you for writing. I was really surprised to see a post from you today. I thought you'd be too much in shock. I look forward to your post tomorrow. I'm so sorry for you all.
Posted by Anonymous sara welles : 10:09 PM
My friend Carly Suggs got me reading this blog. I just wanted to say I'm real sad for you all and hope everything turns out OK. Sorry I haven't commented until now.
Posted by Anonymous crystal smythe : 10:10 PM
Finally I got on! Looks like a bunch of other folks just did too.

I will be reading your blog to see how you all are doing. What a story to come out of your town. I imagine you're still trying to sort it all out.
Posted by Anonymous richard west : 10:12 PM
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